Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Alarming shocker for Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Alarming shocker for Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Alarming shocker. Sikandar gets leaving from the remand home. Kulfi can’t shout for help, since that can break Amma’s rules. She sings a song to end her fears. Sikandar hears her singing and stops to know if she is there. He searches for Kulfi. He asks Amma to open the locked room and let him check inside. Amma gets compelled to open the door. He doesn’t find Kulfi. He meets the boy and learns about his punishment given by Amma. Amma tells Sikandar that the boy had done a crime to hurt a little girl, and that’s why is is punished. Sikandar feels its wrong to punish young children. He wants to know about Kulfi. He gets a huge shock when he receives Bebe’s call. He rushes to home knowing about Amyra. He falls in an alarming situation and runs to meet his daughter.

Amyra gets critical. Doctor reveals to Sikandar and Lovely, the true state of Amyra. Doctor tells Sikandar that Amyra may die because of the poison, they may lose Amyra, whose internal organs may fail with time.

He doesn’t give any false hope to Sikandar and Lovely. Sikandar doesn’t know Amyra’s pain and suffering. Doctor tells Sikandar that Amyra is fighting for her life. Sikandar wants to know the cause of this disease. Doctor wants to know the result of the reports to get some clarity. Lovely gets a big traumatic shock knowing Amyra’s state. Sikandar misses to meet Kulfi. Kulfi misses Sikandar a lot. She runs to get saved from Amma’s punishment. She gets troubled by the scary ghost. She wants to go home. She has no idea how to reach home. Lovely breaks down and slaps herself for putting Amyra’s life in danger. She realizes her mistake that she couldn’t see what wrong she is doing with her daughter.

She feels she is a really bad mother. She prays for Amyra’s life. She doesn’t know why is Amyra getting punished for her sins. Sikandar stays by Amyra’s side, wishing that she gets well. Lovely doesn’t want anything to happen to Amyra. Sikandar’s audio song brings a relief to Kulfi. She finds happiness in its form. She thanks the boy for helping her. Sikandar wishes his both daughters stay fine.

Kulfi gets punished by Amma and lands in trouble. She wants to go out some how. The boy tells the kids not to hurt Kulfi and trust her. Kulfi wants to know how are the kids managing to live here. The boy tells her that he has tried to escape many times and failed. Lovely wants to tell the truth to Sikandar so that the doctors can help Amyra by finding the right medication. Lovely can’t believe that she will be losing Amyra.

For Lovely, Amyra means the world. She tells Amyra that she was fighting with her and did a mistake to hurt her in her blind battle. Kulfi tells the kids that she will escape from the remand home since she doesn’t deserve to be here. Amma tells the kids that she won’t let them meet their parents. The kids get angered on Kulfi for snatching their chance to meet their parents. This becomes a shock for Kulfi. She wants to help the kids meet their families. Lovely decides to confess the truth to Sikandar about Amyra’s situation.


  1. If sikandar can accept lovely s daughter then why she can’t accept sikandar s daughter…. Lovely should realise her mistake and accept kulfi…


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