Kulfi Kumar Upcoming Deadly twists to cost a life WHO

Kulfi Kumar Upcoming Deadly twists to cost a life WHO

Kulfi Kumar Upcoming Deadly twists. Lovely sinks in guilt over Amyra’s condition. Sikandar asks the doctor to find out Amyra’s reports. He wants to know why is her health deteriorating. Lovely wants to confess her huge mistake to Sikandar, so that doctors can help Amyra. Meanwhile, Kulfi tells Amma that she didn’t do any crime and will get free. She requests Amma to let the kids meet their parents on the Family Day. Amma asks her if she is so confident, she has to perform a task. Kulfi gets in dilemma. She doesn’t know what task will Amma assign her. She is scared that the task maybe tough. She overhears the kids, who cry and long to meet their parents. Kulfi decides to complete the task so that the kids meet their families.

She can’t snatch their one chance to meet their families. She knows they are missing their parents a lot. She goes to take Amma’s challenge. She imagines Sikandar, who encourages her to unite the kids with their families. She gets guidance from him. He asks her not to get scared ever and be strong, since her heart is pure. His words eases her decision. On the contrary, Sikandar is scared for Amyra’s life. Lovely gains courage to confess that she has poisoned Amyra. Sikandar can’t believe this at first, knowing Lovely is mad about Amyra. He asks her what is she saying.

She tells him that she has poisoned Amyra and turned her sick to bring him close to Amyra. She didn’t know that Amyra’s state will turn worse. She tells him that if she tells about the drugs, doctor can find an antidote. Sikandar gets shell shocked when she hands over the poisonous drugs to him, which she fed Amyra. He asks Lovely is she insane, is she a mother or not, how could she attempt to put Amyra in danger. He yells at her madness. Lovely loses her senses and admits that she has gone mad. He asks her what will she do if Amyra dies. He throws her out of the house. Lovely’s daring dream comes to an end. She concludes that he will really react in rage and conceals the truth once again.

She doesn’t know how to save Amyra. Kulfi reaches Amma to accept her challenge. Amma gets surprised when Kulfi shows the courage, rather than apologizing to her. Kulfi accepts the task and tells her that she will try her best. Amma controls her anger seeing the rebellion in her eyes. Lovely wants to save Amyra at any cost. She writes a note for Sikandar, so that he can help Amyra in time. Amma tells the kids that Kulfi wants the Family Day to be organized, and agreed to complete the tough task. She reveals the task to Kulfi. The kids are sure that Kulfi can’t complete the task, which none could fulfill till now.

They don’t want Kulfi to be in trouble. Amma tells Kulfi about the task which won’t be fulfilled in a day. Kufi wonders what is it. Sikandar learns about Amyra’s poisoned state. He tells the family that someone has sent the letter to the doctor. Sikandar begs the doctor to save Amyra. Lovely gets hopeful that Amyra will be saved now. Bebe suspects Lovely. The kids tell Kulfi that if she goes for the task, she will surely die. They ask Kulfi to back off and save her life. Amma doesn’t want Kulfi to step back now. She asks Kulfi to go for the biggest challenge.

Sikandar tells the doctor that none from his family can do this, everyone loves Amyra a lot. Doctor assures to find the antidote. Sikandar wants to catch the culprit and punish him. He decides to seek help from police. Lovely fears that she will get caught in the crime. Kulfi learns the tough task, that’s to chain the dangerous dog named Bhoot. She learns that the dog can bite her and kill her. She gets scared of completing the task. Sikandar’s daughters fall in grave danger, just because of Lovely. Will Sikandar lose Amyra and Kulfi? Keep reading.

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  1. Lovely should be punished for her sin amyra should get well and tell the truth to everyone that lovely has given her poison. sikander must get kulfi back in his life she has suffered alot pls ……..let her be happy also

  2. Tevar should come with grand entry,n he should findout the devils of lovely n fulfill his saying regarding lovely that one day she will be alone in life,

  3. They have made Lovely character as non impossible how could their direct these scenes a mother can poison a child this rediclues they are making these as daily saas bahu kind when I started watching these show was something fresher nowdays it feels all show conspect one or two positive character and negative and daily Walla rona Dona like hadd hai yaar grow up show something which relastic not something unstable


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