Silsila Big misunderstanding brings hope for Ruhaan

Silsila Big misunderstanding brings hope for Ruhaan

Silsila Big misunderstanding. Pari is happy to realize that she is in love at first sight. She feels blissful to be in love for the first time. Pari can’t stop thinking about Ruhaan, who has helped her and left a mark on her heart. Pari gears up and prepares herself for Mishti’s engagement function. Ruhaan is in love at first sight with Mishti. He can’t stop himself from looking at her pictures. Mishti likes the lovely decorations and encourages her family to enjoy their best in the party. She looks forward to get engaged with Veer. Mishti is in love with Veer. Pari gets dressed in an Indian avatar while thinking of Ruhaan. Her new look leaves everyone praising her. Pari tells them that she can never be a competition for Mishti, she will never come between Mishti’s happiness.

Mishti understands this and doesn’t want Pari to feel bad about anything. Pari wonders why she is changing herself. She can’t answer anyone about her change. Pari gets upset over a joke and leaves from the venue.

Mishti doesn’t want Ansh to make Pari feel awkward again. Veer meets his good friend Ruhaan and doesn’t see that Ruhaan is admiring Mishti’s pictures. He asks Ruhaan to get ready for the party soon. Ruhaan tells Veer about sighting a gorgeous girl. He fails to show Mishti’s picture to him. Veer tells Ruhaan that his fiancee is really a stunner. The girls enjoy in the bachelorette party. Veer and Ruhaan arrive there to join the gang. Veer introduces his friend to everyone. Mishti and Pari let Radhika and Su dance on the floor. Veer introduces his love Mishti to Ruhaan. Ruhaan sights Mishti and Pari together, and gets confused. Ruhaan gets mistaken that Veer is getting engaged to Pari. He gets glad to know that Mishti isn’t in any relationship. Su asks Mishti to live her life well and enjoy the most before she gets married.


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