Yeh Un Dinon Huge Clash between Sameer Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Huge Clash between Sameer Naina

Yeh Un Dinon Huge Clash. Sameer pulls Naina’s leg. Naina doesn’t like him teasing her. Sameer jokes on her hair. Naina gets angry on him. Naina feels her marriage has become a trouble for her. She didn’t expect Sameer to behave like this. She wanted to hide her bad hairdo from everyone. Bela tries to help Naina. She wants to know what does Naina want to do ultimately. Bela performs all rituals of Pagphere for Naina. She gives a book to Naina and asks her to follow the book of advice to know everything. Preeti asks Bela if she has written about honeymoon as well, Naina wants to know. Naina tells Bela that she didn’t ask anything such. Preeti says Sameer and Naina are going for honeymoon.

Naina misses her mangalsutra and looks for it everywhere. Bela tries to manage the situation. Preeti tells Sameer that she wants to come along with them on the trip, since she has always accompanied Naina. Bela asks her to use senses before talking. Naina doesn’t get her mangalsutra. Sameer asks Bela and Anand to tell Naina the importance of mangalsutra, since she has lost it.

He is upset with her because of her bad hair and then her silly mistakes. His anger builds up. He is afraid that his mum and Mami will feel bad because of Naina’s carelessness. Naina gets angry that he is mentioning her mistakes in front of everyone. She wants him to cover up her mistakes and support her like a good husband. Sameer had many dreams to romance his lover turned wife. His dreams get ruined because of Naina’s Michael Jackson look. He gets into a huge argument following this incident, since he holds her responsible for killing his dreams. He didn’t know why Naina had been so silly that she didn’t think of any consequences before taking any rational step. Naina wants to convince Sameer. She gets miffed with his behavior, and thinks of behaving cold so that he approaches to convince her. Their immature fights continue after marriage.


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