Kulfi Kumar Sikandar mysterious avatar; Kulfi prison break

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar mysterious avatar; Kulfi prison break

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar mysterious avatar. Amma scares Kulfi and tells her that she won’t be alive while she completes the tough task of chaining the dangerous dog. Kulfi and the kids get deeply shocked knowing the task. Sikandar tries to find Kulfi again. He switches his roles while he finds Kulfi and takes care of Amyra. Sikandar wants to find the clues in order to reach Kulfi. Sikandar takes a disguise while he enters the black market. He goes ahead to find the buyer of the special poison fed to Amyra. Kulfi finds herself in big trouble when Amma gives her the chain and sends her to the dog. Kulfi feels she can’t face this huge problem. She loses courage. She gains strength from Sikandar once again. She talks to the dog to overcome her fears.

Amma and the kids watch Kulfi while she completes the task. Amma takes the big risk and puts her life in danger. She doesn’t pity Kulfi. Kulfi tries to talk to Bhoot. She gets scared and falls down. The kids feel she can never complete the task. The dog scares her at first by biting the doll she gives him.

Kulfi feels she can’t lose, since her intentions are good, she just wants to unite the kids with their parents. Sikandar meets the drug seller and asks him about the poison. He tries to strike a deal to reach the information of the culprit. Sikandar plays smart. Kulfi falls in trouble when the dog runs to chase her and bite. Kulfi deals with him the same way as she has dealt with a puppy at Sikandar’s house. She gets an idea to sing a song for the dog to get him in control. Sikandar doesn’t get to know the drug seller. He gets close to reach Kulfi. He gets Kulfi’s picture unknowingly.

Kulfi sings a sweet song to befriend the dog. Amma and the kids watch the magic of Kulfi’s melodious song. She requests the dog to wear the chain. She tells the dog about her other friends. Amma gets angry on Kulfi. The dog barks at Kulfi once again. Kulfi doesn’t lose and stays determined to win his friendship. Amma asks Kulfi to go to the dog and chain him if she wants the Parents Day event in the remand home.

Sikandar gets the lead. He finally meets the drug seller. He tries to get saved from the police. The man alerts him of police threat in the black market. Kulfi finally befriends the dog.

She is sure that the dog will help her escape from the remand home. She requests the dog to show her the way to go out from the remand home. The dog shows the way to exit and supports Kulfi. Kulfi runs her way out of the remand home. Sikandar reaches her, knowing she is present in the remand home. Sikandar and Kulfi get close to meet. Sikandar gets close to know the truth of Kulfi’s stay in the remand home, and the bigger truth that Lovely has poisoned Amyra. Lovely will be wrecked up by Sikandar’s anger when her crimes get exposed. What will he do knowing Lovely’s numerous crimes? Keep reading.

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  1. Can’t understand why is lovely not exposed by her in laws why are they so soineless and weak what happened to her divorce proceedings where are her awful parents?Lovely should have being punished by now.
    Where is Amayara’s real dad? Common guys we are not stupid


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