Weekend Spoilers Ishq SubhanAllah Ishqbaaz Aapke Aa

Telly Reviews Weekend Spoilers 31st August 2019

Ishq SubhanAllah Ishqbaaz Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika and Sahil get a huge shock seeing a ghost, who attacks them. The ghost creates a havoc in the house. Vedika gets possessed by the spirit. She flies in the air. She laughs aloud and shocks everyone by her scary avatar. When Sahil goes to stop her, Vedika throws him in the air. She doesn’t spare anyone. Sahil and Badi Amma get locked in the air trap. Vedika gets affected by the evil powers. Kamli is the evil spirit, planted by Ghungroo. Kamli has taken Vedika’s avatar to make Vedika’s relations away from her. Sahil also fails to stop Kamli, who drags Badi Amma with her. Ghungroo is instilling fears in everyone’s mind. They are terrified by the shocking happenings in the house.

Vedika collapses after the stormy havoc. Sahil worries for her and rushes her to the room. He hugs her and prays that she gets fine. Sahil finds her getting conscious and asks her to just relax. He shows her the video of her shocking scary behavior. Vedika can’t believe that she has done all these terrible things. Badi Amma gets scared of Vedika and keeps distance. Sahil tells Badi Amma that he will find out who is making Vedika a medium to ruin them. Vedika will be finding Ghungroo’s truth. Sahil keeps his faith in Vedika.

Ishq SubhanAllah:

Kabeer gets applauded by one and all. His decision as the chief Qazi turns fruitful for the community people. Everyone praises Kabeer. Shahbaz feels proud when he sees Kabeer’s picture and praise in the newspaper. He shares this happiness with Aisha, Shahbaz and Zara. Zeenat gets jealous seeing Kabeer winning the praise. Kabeer joins them in the happy moment. Shahbaz hugs Kabeer and congratulates him for his success. Kabeer is managing the Qazi post in the absence of Zara’s dad.

Shahbaz gets many calls from the people who congratulate him for Kabeer’s commendable work. Kabeer and Zara are happy. They all hug. Kabeer tells Shahbaz that he will always keep up the good work. Rizwan plays a prank and makes Zeenat fall down. Kabeer gets enraged and takes a stand for Zeenat’s dignity. He reprimands Rizwan for his cheap ways. Kabeer wants the men to respect women, and takes a stand for women. Kabeer makes Zara proud as well. Zara asks Kabeer to be sincere in his work and stay strongly determined.

Dhanak falls in trouble because of Maya and Maai. Raghu finds Dhanak in trouble and helps her. He asks her how did she get the dirt on herself. Dhanak tells him that she was saving Sattu Bai from Maya’s dirty plans. Raghu wants to protect Dhanak. He knows both Maya and Maai hate Dhanak, and are together in the plans. Dhanak finds her Shagun dress torn. Maya has torn her clothes. Dhanak keeps the condition that Raghu has to get the Shagun dress for her by his own earnings, and until then she won’t talk to him. He asks her not to worry, he will get her good clothes. Maya is mad for Dhanak.

Shivaansh gets glimpses of his past, when he had witnessed Shivay’s murder. Shivaansh was the prime witness of the murder, but forgot everything since it happened in his tender years of childhood. He gets the memories back and tries to know whom did he sight in his dream. He gets flashes of the memory and remembers that he has seen Sahil there. He wants to know what connection does Sahil has with the murder incident.

Sahil tries to know what’s bothering Shivaansh. He plans to kill Shivaansh and makes a new plan with Varun. Shivaansh gets innocent to share his findings with Sahil. He tells Sahil that he had seen him at the time of Shivay’s murder, but its not clear. Sahil clears his dilemma by faking a story. He gets alert that Shivaansh is getting the past truth out. He wants to kill Shivaansh before his crime is revealed.


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