Silsila Unexpected Heartbreaking moment for Ruhaan

Silsila Unexpected Heartbreaking moment for Ruhaan

Silsila Unexpected Heartbreaking moment. Veer misses to see Ruhaan with Mishti. Veer wants Ruhaan to stay at Radhika’s house. Pari learns about Arnav getting a new tattoo. Arnav doesn’t want to show her the tattoo, keeping it a surprise. Arnav wishes she could understand his feelings for once and reciprocate. Ansh informs Veer that Mishti is much upset. Ruhaan meets Radhika, and gets the engagement invite as well. She asks Ruhaan to manage the preparations along with her. Ruhaan bonds with Radhika. Veer doesn’t want Mishti to be sad. He tells her that he will always be of her. He plans to have a special party together. Mishti gets touched with his sweet gesture.

Veer tells Mishti that he loves her a lot. He tells Mishti that he sneaked in her bachelorette party and got saved from Sukamini. Veer tells Radhika that Ruhaan will be staying as PG at her house. He is happy to see Ruhaan working. Veer and Mishti meet for their engagement. Mishti looks mesmerizing like always. They exchange the rings and become a couple formally. Everyone is happy for Veer and Mishti.

Mishti feels proud to have a life partner like Veer. Veer introduces Mishti to his good friend Ruhaan. Ruhaan gets heartbroken when he finds Mishti with Veer, realizing that Mishti is Veer’s fiancee. Ruhaan’s smile turns into a sorrowful moment with this shocking news. Veer asks Ruhaan to click their pictures. Ruhaan rushes out of the ceremony to deal with the complicated truth. Mishti worries and shares the matter with Sukamini. She doesn’t want Ruhaan to tell Veer about the kiss. Radhika gets Mishti’s marriage date fixed.

It becomes a special moment for Veer and Mishti. Pari gets emotional and looks forward to set things right for Mishti’s marriage. Sukamini wants Arnav to convince Pari for the marriage. Mishti gets taken up by her guilt. She breaks into tears seeing Veer’s immense faith in her. She is afraid that their beautiful bond will break. She doesn’t want to lose Veer. Ruhaan sights their beautiful moment and gets dejected.


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