Silsila Pari Mishti First clash over Ruhaan WHY

Silsila Pari Mishti First clash over Ruhaan

Silsila Pari Mishti First clash. Pari gets affected by her conflict with Mishti. She is much hurt and goes to a corner to shed tears. Mishti feels guilty for scolding Pari a lot. Ruhaan finds Pari sad and tries to console her. She shares her sorrow with him. She tells him how she is failing to be perfect like Mishti and pick the right choices. She feels like failing to take the right decisions for their company. Ruhaan asks her to be the best of herself and not try to be Mishti. He doesn’t want her to adapt Mishti’s so called perfection. Mishti looks for Pari. She finds Pari crying and sharing her heart out to Ruhaan. Ruhaan’s advice to Pari angers Mishti. Ruhaan tells Pari that none is perfect and everyone is distinct. He becomes Pari’s friend. Mishti feels upset that Pari didn’t share her feelings with her. She feels insecure seeing Pari with Ruhaan.

Mishti gets disappointed and goes away. Ruhaan tells Pari that Mishti isn’t wrong and wants to see her independent soon. He asks Pari to understand Mishti’s concern for her. Mishti and Pari stay disturbed about Ruhaan in different ways. Ruhaan wants Pari to become strong and self reliant. Pari takes up his advice. Mishti is clear that she doesn’t want Ruhaan in the house.

Radhika asks Mishti not to get upset with Ruhaan’s presence. Radhika explains that Ansh has got a good company in Ruhaan. She tells Mishti that Pari got up early and went out with Arnav. Mishti finds a change in Pari. Mishti clears her rules for Ruhaan. Pari tells her that she will sincerely work and not do any mistake again. Mishti feels Pari is getting distanced because of Ruhaan. Pari doesn’t want Mishti to get sad. She defends Ruhaan who had heard their conversation. Mishti gets angry knowing Ruhaan will judge her decisions. Pari feels Mishti is being angry on him for no reason. Mishti finds a reason to vent out her anger on Ruhaan. Ruhaan doesn’t accept Mishti’s misbehavior and slaps her with the rental agreement to show his rights on his room.


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