Kulfi Kumar Amyra birthday celebrations Unexpected twists

Kulfi Kumar Amyra birthday celebrations Unexpected twists

Kulfi Kumar Amyra birthday celebrations. Kulfi finds Rocket crying and hears his sad tale. She sings a sweet song to cheer him up. She asks him to be strong and find opportunities to stay happy. She wants to bring positivity around. She wipes his tears and makes him smile. Amma learns about Kulfi’s singing talent, in which all the kids are getting interested. She gets the invite from Sikandar for Amyra’s birthday party. She asks the kids to prepare a good song to sing in the party. She hates music, but she wants Kulfi to sing in the party. She is unaware of Kulfi’s identity, that she belongs to Sikandar’s family. She is just thinking of the donation which Sikandar will make to the remand home after the party.

She tells Rajan about the party at Sikandar’s house. The kids find this a good opportunity to escape from the remand home. They want to go for the party and then trick Amma. Sikandar plans Amyra’s birthday with all his heart and makes sure that Amyra stays happy. Amyra likes the lovely beautiful dress. She is happy to get her dream fulfilled. Sikandar treats like like a princess. She wants him around all the time. He promises to be with her.

Rajan asks the kids to be ready on time and not anger Amma. The kids want to make the escape plan after reaching the party venue. Kulfi gets excited and gets a feeling that she will be meeting Sikandar soon. Sikandar gets a cute dress for Kulfi as well and misses her deeply. He throws a grand party for Amyra and makes sure that she is well entertained. Lovely sheds tears and repents for her mistakes. Sikandar doesn’t want Lovely to spread any sorrow by crying. He asks Lovely to just smile for Amyra’s sake. He gets the doctor home to keep a check on Amyra. Sikandar goes for the stage arrangements check where Kulfi reaches with the kids to perform. The kids like the beautiful decorations.

They are sure that they will make it this time and run away. Sikandar misses to see Kulfi, when Amyra calls for him. Kulfi senses Sikandar is around when she hears his voice for a while. She then check for him and thinks her ears are ringing since she is longing for him.

Amma asks the kids to wait inside the room until they are called on the stage. She tells them that the party host will be meeting them first. The kids try hard to find some escape route from the party hall. Amma attends the party and misses to meet Lovely. Lovely is happy to find Amyra happy after a long time. She doesn’t want to lose hope. She prays that Amyra survives and recovers well.

Sikandar welcomes Amma and Rajan and asks them about the kids. He asks them to call the kids in the party so that they can enjoy well. Amma tells them that kids will mingle in the party after they finish their singing task. Sikandar tells her that he can go and meet them once if she permits. Amma takes him to the waiting area to introduce the kids. Sikandar misses to meet Kulfi. He announces the special performance by the remand home kids.


  1. Like really? How long should they wait to be united? It’s getting rather stretched for the viewers to watch this never ending ‘almost’ there occurrences!!! It will be a flop when they do unite because it’s long overdue !

  2. Dont make any dramas that amyra she will die … for god sake…it this serial you should make that she is a brave and cute girl,,Amyra will struggle for her life .you should make Amyra will not die ..after watching Amyra everyone , everychild…as inspiration …if any child is suffering with medical problems…they should think of Amyra how she struggles for her life…but at last you show that amyra ,kulfi,Sika , family members are happy about amyra


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