Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Big Twists to tear apart Kulfi Sikandar

Kulfi Kumar Separation for Sikandar Amyra Kulfi

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Big Twists. Kulfi is sure that she will reach her father. She also hopes that Sikandar will find her himself. She has big hopes to meet him in the singing competition. She takes permission from Amma to take part in the competition. She hopes to win the competition and return to Sikandar. She doesn’t realize that Amyra is participating in the same competition and wants to win some how. Sikandar has to keep Amyra’s dying wish and help her win the competition sincerely by her hard work and honesty. Amyra wants to become a famous singer like Sikandar and make him proud. Sikandar is working hard to fulfill her wish.

Kulfi witnesses Sikandar and Amyra’s bonding and feels that he has forgotten her. She feels she shouldn’t intervene between Sikandar and Amyra’s happiness. She decides to give up on her dreams and get away from Sikandar. Sikandar isn’t aware that Kulfi is also there at the singing competition venue. The musical singing competition will bring big twists. Kulfi will be much close to Sikandar, and still very much distant. Sikandar chooses Amyra over Kulfi, since Amyra is going to leave him forever. Will Kulfi learn about Amyra’s critical illness condition and understand Sikandar’s decision of choosing Amyra over the rest of the world? Keep reading.

Muskaan: Ronak and Muskaan are coming closer with time. They have no idea that Kajal is the evil mind playing games with them. They are upset over Mrs. Sinha’s death and mourn for her. Kajal hides the truth that she had murdered Mrs. Sinha and misled the police. Ronak and Muskaan have a sweet moment. They get a new responsibility of a girl, who is mentally unstable and calls them mum and dad. There are many awkward moments because of the new entry in their lives. Gayatri has blind belief in Sir ji. Ronak wants to prove that Sir ji is a devil. Sir ji has planted the girl so that Ronak and Muskaan stay away. Muskaan is supportive of Ronak. They have cute moments. Ronak loves Muskaan. He respects Muskaan. She doesn’t want Ronak to get against Gayatri. She asks Ronak to give some time to Gayatri, things will get fine.


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