Keep your child safe from online technology

Keep your child safe from online technology

Keep your child safe. These days technology is playing a crucial role in everyone’s life. The family members stay in the same house, but they don’t interact much with each other as they are busy in surfing the internet or chatting with friends on whatsapp. Technology is making the relations insignificant or ruining the lives of younger generation. Children of all ages use technology. It is very important for a parent to sit along with a kid or observe carefully from the far if a child is surfing the web. The young children play online games, watch videos and even chat with people around the world on facebook or twitter. It can pose a serious risk to your child’s safety and well-being as sometime they come across unknown people and share their personal details. So, below are the rules to keep kids safe online.

1. Be a role model: Every child wants to copy their parents. So try to become their role models. If you are surfing the internet and the child wants to sit beside you, let him sit for a while. In this manner the child is likely to imitate your behavior and he will also not hide anything from you.

2. Discuss with your child: Observe what your child is doing online and ask few questions regarding the search. If the child feels comfortable with the conversation, he will interact with you in an appropriate manner and you can discuss its pros and cons.

3. Protect the privacy: Ask the child not to give their personal details to the people they don’t know and make him understand the consequences of revealing personal pictures and information online without parent’s consent. Teach him not to open file from unknown people, not to go out with anyone they meet online.

4. Keep faith in your child: You have to show confidence in your child’s actions and instruct him to come straight to you to inform about anything that makes him uncomfortable and assures him that you won’t overreact, holds responsible or immediately annul her from using internet.

5. Make time schedule: You have to decide the time he can use internet and the sites he can go through. Make clear about the time allotted daily or twice a week or the sites he can visit without their permission. You can even inform the child about the consequences of not following the rules.

6. Sound should be audible: Make sure when your child is listening the video or audio, it has to be be audible to the other person sitting beside. If your child listens the audio at the low sound, ask him to raise the sound to get audible by everyone present there.


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