Kartik and Naira Unforgettable memories to find a way

Kartik and Naira Unforgettable memories to find a way

Kartik and Naira Unforgettable memories. Kirti and Naksh get Kartik home to that Kartik and Naira reconcile. Kartik goes to Naira to explain her the truth. Naira gets angered on him and throws the glass in his way so that she can stop himself at the door. She doesn’t want to talk to him, since he has broken her heart and called off the marriage. She blames him for ending her hopes by making her fall in love with him. Kartik gets depressed when Naira threatens him of hurting herself. She makes him away. Naksh, Kirti and family members ask him to try harder and convince Naira in the holi event. They want Kartik to speak his heart out and try to end Naira’s annoyance. Kartik is sure to convince Naira by his love and make the holi an unforgettable one.

Kirti tells Naksh that she couldn’t stop herself from speaking her insecurities to Kartik, just because of Naksh’s word to give Krish to Naira. She confronts Naksh for thinking of such a big sacrifice. She tells him that she isn’t ready to give up Krish. She tells him that Krish is most important to her more than the rest of the relations. She tells Naksh that she will never ever give Krish to Naira.

Kartik gets a wonderful surprise when Samarth returns home to support him. Samarth learns about Kartik and Naira’s problem. He cheers up Kartik and tells him that Naira will surely forgive him. He prays for Kaira union. Kartik thanks him for coming to help. The family is upset that Naira is in sorrow. They wish Naira had Rishabh with her in this time. They get surprised when Gayu turns up home. They are happy that Gayu will be giving a good company to Naira now. Naira is happy to meet Gayu and Rama.

Gayu tells them that she is soon going to marry Vivaan, by all her happiness. Gayu wants to invite Goenkas as well. Naira doesn’t want to meet Kartik. Gayu learns about Kartik and Naira’s fight. Gayu tells them that she will help Kartik in winning Naira’s love. Kartik surprises Naira by making a sudden entry. Naira stays adamant and aloof.

She doesn’t want Kartik to charm her again and break her heart. She makes it clear that she doesn’t want to talk to him. Naksh asks Naira to give a chance to Kartik and hear him out.

Naira asks Naksh why is he favoring Kartik suddenly. She stays disturbed because of Kartik’s deceive. She doesn’t let him clarify. She celebrates Holi all alone She tells Kartik that she doesn’t want to see his face ever. The family finds Naira’s anger getting high and plan something weird to build pressure on Naira.

Kartik tries hard to talk to Naira and express his love. She angrily warns him against staying in limits if he really loved her before. Kartik gets bound by her words. They perform in the holi party and consume the Bhaang. The family members spike their thandai drinks just to bring them together. Kartik wants Naira to hear him out. Naira tells him that he has hurt her a lot and now she isn’t willing to give him any chance. Naira gets her old memories back and fails to handle the stress. She recalls Kartik’s lie about Krish and loses out. She falls in the lake while losing her consciousness. Kartik rushes to her rescue on finding her missing. Will Naira’s memories return forever? Keep reading.


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