Silsila Upcoming Holi Celebrations for Pari Ruhaan Mishti

Silsila Upcoming Holi Celebrations for Pari Ruhaan Mishti

Silsila Upcoming Holi Celebrations. Pari and Radhika get to witness Mishti and Veer’s secret holi celebrations. Ruhaan gets upset to find Mishti romancing Veer. Pari didn’t wish to embarrass Mishti and Veer. She pulls their leg. She tells them that she will play holi with them and give them enough time to romance during holi. Veer promises to apply colors to Mishti first. Mishti is happy with Veer and feels lucky to marry him. Pari thinks of planning a mischief and breaks Ruhaan’s rules. She sneaks into his room while he is asleep. She paints his face. Radhika and Sukamini play holi. Radhika gets busy in the food arrangements. Sukamini plays her naughty self and adds Bhaang in the thandai drinks.

She wants to bring twists in everyone’s lives. Mishti stays away from everyone, so that Veer applies her colors first. Sukamini teases Mishti about Veer. Mishti tells them that she hasn’t seen Pari for a while. Radhika looks for Pari. Mishti asks the family to go for the holi party, she will come after Veer arrives. Sukamini wants Mishti to come with them. Ruhaan wakes up and catches Pari into the act while they have a cute moment. He realizes that she has painted his face. Pari challenges Ruhaan to apply her colors.

Ruhaan runs after Pari to catch her. Sukamini feeds the spiked thandai to everyone, so that they enjoy to the fullest. Everyone laughs seeing Ruhaan’s funny face marked by Pari. Arnav gets upset seeing Pari and Ruhaan’s bonding. Pari hides behind Mishti and unknowingly brings Mishti closer to Ruhaan. Mishti gets much upset. Ruhaan takes Radhika’s permission to apply colors to Pari. Sukamini asks Arnav not to get upset and express his feelings to Pari. Ruhaan and Pari continue to stay in their own friendly zone.

Arnav and Mishti stay at discomfort watching them. Pari reacts in anger when Arnav throws water on her. He feels Pari is changing because of Ruhaan. The family enjoys well. Ruhaan plays the dhol in full tashan and sets the mood. Arnav realizes that Pari is falling for Ruhaan.


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