Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Aaliya makes a shocking declaration

Hai Mohabbatein Aaliya makes a shocking declaration

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Aaliya makes a big decision. Ishita and the entire family plan to get Muskaan arrested by exposing her crimes. They feed the spiked sweets to Muskaan and try to make her confess her crime. Ranbir tells Ishita that her plan failed because of them. He reveals that he couldn’t help her and broke her trust, just to save her family. Ishita asks him the matter. She waits for Muskaan to admit her crime. Muskaan acts drunk to fool Ishita. She compels Ranbir to kill Ishita. Ranbir shows the poison bottle to Ishita and apologizes to her. Muskaan tells them that Ranbir didn’t spike the sweets, he is following her orders. He tells them that Ishita will get harmed by the poison for sure, and now everyone will watch the new drama.

Yug asks Ranbir not to harm Ishita. Ranbir tells them that Muskaan has kidnapped his family. He doesn’t want to harm Bhallas either. Raman is threatened to sign the property papers. He agrees for this to save Ishita’s life. Ranbir asks Muskaan not to make him commit any crime. Muskaan doesn’t want only the property, but also Ishita’s life. She threatens Ranbir and asks him to feed the poison to Ishita. Raman awaits the police. Shagun sends the live video to the police commissioner and informs him to come to Bhalla house.

The police arrives to arrest the don Muskaan. He thanks Bhallas for getting Muskaan arrested. He assures to get her punished based on the evidence against her. Raman complains about the inspector, who didn’t take any step against Muskaan. Inspector apologizes as he was blackmailed by the don. Muskaan wants revenge from Bhallas. Muskaan tries to threaten the inspector again and get saved. She asks him to call her brother. She is sure that her brother will save her. Ranbir apologizes to Ishita. Raman and Ishita wonder who has informed Muskaan about their plans. They don’t suspect Karan. Karan misleads them by his goodness drama. He tells them that good won over the evil and they should celebrate holi.

Bhallas get thankful to Shagun for saving their lives. Raman gets a wonderful surprise from Ishita. Simmi asks him to please Ishita as well. Yug suspects Karan again and tries to know his intentions. Rohan gets angered on Yug. He scolds Yug for getting close to Aaliya. They get into an argument over Aaliya once again. Rohan clears out that he is Aaliya’s husband, and tolerating everything for her sake. Yug challenges Rohan that none can make him out of Aaliya’s life. He asks Rohan to remember that Aaliya just loves him. Karan stops them from fighting, so that Aaliya doesn’t get more stressed.

Karan asks Rohan to let Aaliya stay with Yug, for her own good, if he really loves her. Karan advises Yug to marry Aaliya to distant Rohan forever. He wants to separate Rohan and Aaliya forever. He expresses his favors on Yug to control him. Yug admits that he loves Aaliya. He gets scared of Karan’s vicious intentions. He asks Karan not to help Bhallas’ enemies to fulfill his revenge. Karan keeps his image clean. Aaliya waits for the surprise gift which she has ordered for Adi. Raman gets mistaken that Ishita had ordered the ring for him. He thanks Ishita for the gift. She doesn’t understand what he means to say. She asks him to give her some time so that they can relive their old life. Ranbir feels guilty and apologizes to her.

Aaliya scolds Karan and Rohan for trying to frame Yug. Yug asks them not to come home again. Ishita doesn’t want them to fight. Yug and Aaliya decide to get remarried. She reminisces her marriage with Adi and wants to relive those golden memories. She declares that she wants to marry Adi once again. Raman, Rohan and Ishita get a huge shock by Aaliya’s decision.


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