Sikandar Kulfi Kumar Miraculous wish to turn true

Sikandar Kulfi Kumar Miraculous wish to turn true

Sikandar Kulfi Kumar Miraculous wish. Sikandar is sure that Amyra will get a new life when she pursues singing and stays positive in life. He wants her to recover. Sikandar teaches singing to Amyra. When Amyra sings well, it becomes a proud moment for Sikandar. Sikandar, Lovely and everyone are happy for Amyra’s recovery. They want Amyra to stay positive and strong so that she can fight with her illness. Sikandar is happy to fulfill Amyra’s wish. He wishes to meet Kulfi once. Kulfi doesn’t lose courage and wants to reach Sikandar. Amma fumes on Rajan for failing to stop the kids. Rajan takes revenge on her by creating hurdles on her and angering her more. He doesn’t want Amma to track the kids.

He wishes the kids get a life and happiness, wherever they find their home. The kids are happy that they met Kulfi and found this chance to get freedom. Lovely is happy that Amyra is singing well, that too sincerely. Amyra gets Sikandar’s blessings. She wants to be good and get all his love. Sikandar blesses her, since he wishes all the best for her life. The kids thank Kulfi for making their freedom possible. They praise Kulfi for being so determined and helpful. Kulfi wants to know how to meet Sikandar.

Doctor tells Sikandar that Amyra is recovering, the music has really helped her, she can breath with ease now. Amyra gets happy to know that she can sing. Sikandar wishes Amyra to be happy always. Amyra shares her happiness with them after a long time. Sikandar’s happiness is incomplete without Kulfi. He senses Kulfi around. Kulfi and her friends have no idea about landing the hot air balloon. They get much worried and want to get a solution. They want to land soon so that they don’t get stuck in the sky.

Kulfi asks them to take care of their safety first. Rocket comes up with an idea to stop the air flow, so that the balloon lands. The hot air balloon finally lands down safely. Rocket succeeds to save all of them. The kids rejoice to finally get their freedom and enjoy the fresh air. They celebrate their freedom. Kulfi tells them that she doesn’t want to think of Amma again, she just wants to be happy. She tells them that she will meet her dad soon. Rocket tells them that Amma will reach their homes to track them, they shouldn’t go home as of now.

Kulfi tells them that she will take them to her house, so that Sikandar gives them shelter. She is sure that Sikandar will save them. The kids agree to accompany her. Kulfi is sure that Sikandar will hug her when they meet. Kulfi takes the kids along and tries to reach Sikandar’s house. Sikandar inspires Amyra to work hard sincerely and win the singing competition. He promises to be with her always. Amyra tells Sikandar that she knows everything, what’s in her destiny. She fears to leave them forever.

She tells him how much she loves him. Sikandar misses Kulfi. He feels he is getting tested by fate again and again. Kulfi encourages the kids to shed their fears. She helps a kid overcome his fear. She becomes a savior for all of them. She shows Sikandar’s house to them. She asks the kids to come home with her. Rocket wants her to meet her dad alone and then call them inside. Sikandar’s life gets colorless without Kulfi. He doesn’t want to celebrate without Kulfi. He wishes for some miracle to happen that unites him with Kulfi. Will Sikandar Kulfi Kumar miraculous wish turn true in reality? Keep reading.


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