Star Plus Hits Upcoming twists and turns

Star Plus Hits Upcoming twists and turns

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Star Plus Hits Upcoming twists. Krishna Chali London: Krishna and Veer have a magical moment, when her love confession gives a new life to Veer. He also confesses love to her. The people praise their true love. Veer and Krishna unite and decide to go home. Shivani waits for Veer in the mandap. She has no idea about Veer. She fears that Veer would be with Krishna. Sunaina tries to know if Veer told her about his leaving. Shivani gets the shocking news about Veer’s accident. She wants to do something to find Veer. She tells Sunaina that Veer would be with Krishna. When Veer and Krishna return home, Shivani gets relieved seeing him fine. She blames Krishna for hurting Veer. Veer calls it enough and expresses his hatred for Shivani.

He tells Shivani that he can never marry a girl like her, who is so evil minded. Krishna slaps Shivani and teaches her a lesson. Veer reveals Shivani’s plans to them. He tells them how Shivani planned to get Krishna killed. Veer regrets to believe Shivani. He declares that he wants to marry Krishna. He ousts Shivani. She doesn’t want Krishna to marry Veer and ruin her life. She knows the society will not let Krishna marry Veer easily. She heads to meet the Shukla family, so that she can create a barrier for Krishna’s happiness.

Sunaina tells Veer that Krishna is right for him, the world will not let them unite. Veer is sure to win his love some how and takes blessings from Sunaina. He isn’t scared of the society taunts and pressures. He doesn’t care for anything, unless his family has any objection. He tells Sunaina that they have to take their own decisions and not care for the world. Sunaina accepts Krishna as her would be daughter-in-law. Sunaina wants to meet Krishna’s father and talk about the alliance. She feels scared of Shukla family. Shukla reaches the venue to stop Krishna and Veer’s marriage.

Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji:

Rocky hopes for his release and pins his beliefs on Happy. RV changes his mind in the court and also makes Mr. Grover give a false statement. Mr. Grover testifies against Rocky in the court, which gets shocking for everyone. Happy believes that Mr. Grover has no benefit to lie, which means Rocky has really molested Smiley. Happy doesn’t want to break her faith in the family.

She knows Smiley needs her and wants to support her. Smiley wants Happy to support her, not Rocky. RV feels ashamed to trap an innocent man to save his criminal brother Ranveer. RV gets helpless because of his promise given to his dying mother. He frames Rocky in the wrong case. Happy goes crazy when she gets compelled by Sandhya and Smiley. She testifies against Rocky by revealing his past crimes to the court. Rocky gets heartbroken since he loves Happy and wanted her faith intact. Happy expresses her hatred for Rocky and asks the court to punish him in such a way that it sets an example against all the wrong doers. Rocky gets sentenced for ten years, which comes as a shock for his family. Rocky pleads his innocence and fails. Rocky gets dejected and wants to end all his ties with Happy.



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