Yeh Hai Mohabbaten Shagun returns to helps Bhallas

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th July Shagun's jealousy twist

Yeh Hai Mohabbaten Shagun returns. Aaliya shocks the Bhallas by wishing for a remarriage with Adi. Bhallas are aware of her mental condition and also Yug’s identity. They don’t want Yug to marry Aaliya. Aaliya proposes Yug for marriage, assuming him to be Adi. She tells him that she has decided this already. Ishita tries to raise an objection. Raman doesn’t want Ishita to hurt Aaliya. Rohan hurts himself in anger when he learns Aaliya’s decision. He can’t see his wife getting so crazy to marry someone else. He gets much wounded in his heart. Ishita does the aid to Rohan’s wound. Karan worries for Rohan. Ishita promises Rohan that she won’t let Aaliya and Yug to get married. She tells him that she will do anything to stop the marriage. She wants to be with Rohan since he is right. Aaliya and Yug get blessed by Raman.

Elsewhere, Muskaan asks Sahil if he has taught a good lesson to Bhallas. She asks him how did Raman and Ishita refuse for the deal when he went to talk to them. He tells her that he is a don, not a businessman that he deals with cheap people. He asks her not to risk herself for the sake of small properties. He asks Muskaan to buy any property, but keep her name clean. He doesn’t want the media to know about them.

Muskaan tells him that she just wants Bhallas’ property. He tells her that this can’t happen. He warns her against troubling Bhallas. Meanwhile, Raman and Ishita have different opinions on Aaliya’s decision. Ishita doesn’t want Aaliya to marry Yug, since he can never be their Adi. She asks Raman to accept the truth, Yug can’t be Adi. Raman tells her that Yug can fill Adi’s place, since the family is very happy. She tells him that they can help Aaliya only if he realizes the truth. Raman decides to support Aaliya and Yug, which angers Ishita further. Muskaan denies to have food. She wants revenge on Bhallas. She creates a scene and tells Sahil that she can’t forget her insult.

Sahil turns helpless by her tempered behavior. Rohan gets upset that Karan gave the marriage idea to Aaliya. He scolds Karan for ruining his life. He regrets that Karan is his brother. Karan fakes an apology and tells him that he wanted to expose Yug’s truth. He clarifies his intentions. Rohan tells him that they need to go and meet Sudha’s doctor. Ishita asks Simmi to help her in finding some solution to end Aaliya’s mental trauma. Raman tells Ishita that Aaliya will recall Adi’s death if they arrange the remarriage. He finds this idea better. Ishita doesn’t want to take risk, since Aaliya may end up marrying Yug. She reminds him that Aaliya is Rohan’s wife.

Sahil finds a way to calm Muskaan’s anger by gifting her a big property. He tells her that his business can fall in trouble if she creates more drama. She rejects his gift and gets stubborn to get revenge on Bhallas. He gets angry on her, being so stubborn. Aaliya hurries with the marriage arrangements, which shocks Ishita.

Aaliya tells the pandit that she wants to marry her husband once again. Ishita asks Raman to stop this and not make any mistake. Raman doesn’t listen to her. Muskaan wants Sahil to take revenge on Bhallas. She refuses to have any food. She gets violent. Muskaan learns Sahil’s plans to trick her. She realizes Sahil has fooled her. She doesn’t want to spare Raman and Ishita. Aaliya gets the marriage date fixed. Ishita is angry that Yug isn’t denying the marriage. Raman tells Ishita that Yug is a nice person and cares for them.

He asks Ishita not to get against Yug. He advises her to show some happiness for Aaliya. Shagun wants Ishita to stop the marriage. Ishita gets helpless in front of Raman. Shagun decides to talk to Raman and explain him that they can’t get Aaliya married again. Raman takes a big move to get Aaliya and Rohan’s divorced. He seeks help from Karan so that Aaliya can marry Yug.


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