Kulfi Kumar Mia entry to change Kulfi’s life

Kulfi Kumar Mia entry to change Kulfi's life

Kulfi Kumar Mia entry. Kulfi and her friends wait for their turn to showcase their singing talents. They wonder who will acknowledge their talents when there is so much competition. Kulfi tells them that they will win surely. They plan to sing a nice song. They don’t have any song prepared. Kulfi assures them that she will sing well. Sikandar and Lovely take Amyra for the competition. They take care of their daughter. Sikandar stays worried for Kulfi. Kulfi and her friends are still hungry. They see the juice and food served to the contestants. They hide their identity and stay away from the food counter. Rocket doesn’t know if the food is given for free. He tells the kids that if the food isn’t for free, then they will be caught.

The producer of the reality show, Mia wants to get high TRPs by finding some spicy drama. She finds the best story in the form of Kulfi and her gang. She wants the little star competition show to become number one on the channel. Mia watches the kids waiting for the audition. She wants to get some story from the kids’ backgrounds.

Mia doesn’t care for anyone’s emotions, but feels the emotional factor will be a big hit if presented with spice. She finds Kulfi and her friends. She sends the staff to know what’s their story. The kids tell them that their group has no name, and they want to make their identity by their talents. Mia thinks to unmask them on the stage by sharing their story. Meanwhile, Sikandar misses Kulfi. He wants to ask Mohendar about her once.

He gets scared of Amyra again and thinks to take Kulfi’s welfare later. Kulfi and the kids get in bad shape due to hunger. Kulfi misses Sikandar. Sikandar arrives at the same competition with Amyra. Lovely calls up Mohendar to know about Kulfi. Mohendar lies to her that Kulfi is fine, and there is nothing to worry. He doesn’t want tensions to reach Sikandar. Lovely asks him to keep her informed if Sikandar doesn’t answer his calls. She knows Sikandar’s tensions and wants to help him some way.

Mohendar feels guilty to lie to them. Mohendar searches for Kulfi. Lovely tells Sikandar that Kulfi is better and in safe hands. Sikandar focusses on Amyra. The kids await a miracle to happen in their lives. Mia finds the hungry kids and think they are the best story to telecast. She identifies them as the remand home kids. She feels lucky to get a big news in hand. Kulfi and her friends get a chance to sing. They come on the live stage. Mia asks the staff to record the kids’ conversation audio so that the public pities them and knows their sad story. Sikandar senses Kulfi around. He looks for her. He fails to recognize her. He knows his strong bond with Kulfi will never break. He wishes Mohendar keeps Kulfi happy. Mia gives a big break to the kids, just to reap benefits from their story.


  1. I feel pity to kulfi, please do some wonder to change her life, don’t show sad story, if kulfis life not changed, close d serial


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