Upcoming Silsila Voot Jealousy sting for Mishti

Upcoming Silsila Voot Jealousy sting for Mishti

Upcoming Silsila Voot. Radhika’s tensions about Ansh gets calmed down. Ruhaan finds Pari a real rockstar, since she is managing her work and house duties very well. He sees her looking after the family and their needs. He thinks he has found a good model for his project. Ansh doesn’t let Radhika tell anything to Pari and others. Pari asks Ansh to study well. Ruhaan gets glad when Pari gifts him a good luck plant. She tells him that he may get positivity around if he keeps the plant in his room. Ruhaan clicks some of her pictures and finds her really perfect for the modelling project. He asks Pari if she will portray the complete woman in his project.

She feels she isn’t pretty to model for the project. He tells her that she is really very pretty and also the best example of a complete woman. She agrees to become his model. She feels happy when he is around. Sukamini wakes up Arnav and rushes him for a task. She gets emotionally blackmailing him. Arnav doesn’t want to spoil his sleep. She tells him about the special gift for Mishti. She feels Mishti and Pari love her a lot. Arnav tells her that he loves her equally. She asks him not to get jealous of them. Arnav and Sukamini get a shocking surprise from his sister Taani.

She leaves her studies and returns home. He asks her how can she quit her school just like that. She tells him that she missed them a lot and she wants to be with family now. Sukamini doesn’t compel Taani to return. She asks Taani to get a new admission in any school in the city. Arnav doesn’t think its so flexible. He worries for his parents’ reaction. Taani takes Sukamini in confidence. Arnav doesn’t want to get more troubles. He wants Taani to get serious for her studies. Radhika informs Mishti about Pari working for Ruhaan’s latest fashion project. She feels Pari is really happy. Pari is charmed by Ruhaan. Radhika is happy to see her children happy. Ruhaan and Pari spend time during the photoshoot. Pari falls much more in love with him by his romantic gestures.

Mishti witnesses the amazing photoshoot and finds Pari at ease with Ruhaan. Pari and Ruhaan have cute moments. Mishti gets a new joy finding Pari so cheerfully happy for the first time. Pari gets mischievous to trouble Ruhaan. Their friendship gets stronger. Ruhaan and Pari come closer. Mishti feels jealous seeing them and doesn’t realize the meaning of such feelings. Mishti reminds herself about the commitment towards Veer. She limits her feelings for Ruhaan.


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