Yeh Rishta Mansi senses Purushottam’s next target

Yeh Rishta Mansi senses Purushottam's next target

Yeh Rishta Mansi senses Purushottam’s evil. Naira tries to tell Kartik about Mansi’s weird behavior. Kartik asks her to focus on their romance. Naira and Kartik have a cute argument. She tells him that he always finds a wrong time to romance. He gets emotionally blackmailing her and teases her. They have a romance moment. He is happy to spend time with her. Purushottam ruins their romance moment once again. He gifts an expensive necklace to her. He tells her that its like a Mu-dikhai gift. Naira doesn’t want to accept the costly gift. He tells her that the necklace isn’t much prettier than her. He wants Naira to wear the necklace. When Kartik fails to pin the necklace chain, Purushottam gets a chance to fix the pin. His touch irks Naira.

Naira doesn’t want to keep the gift. Kartik asks her to not hurt Purushottam by rejecting the gift. Gayu feels unwell. She hides her pregnancy from everyone. Naira gets a lovely surprise from Goenka family. Kartik expresses his feelings for Naira once again. He makes the festive celebrations more special for her. Naira gets plenty of wishes from everyone and cries out of happiness.

Naira feels blessed to get such a family. She tells Kartik that their love made their union possible. She thanks the family for their forever support. She isn’t scared of anything in her life. She tells Dadi that the couples should make the idols together this time. Mansi stays away from Purushottam. Naira tells everyone about Purushottam’s expensive gift. Dadi praises her brother for having such a good big heart. Naira feels she is thinking wrong about him. She asks Gayu not to worry for her pregnancy news leaking, since no one will know about it. She asks Gayu to just focus on the puja and then her marriage.

Samarth gets suspicious seeing the girls worried. He doesn’t hear about Gayu’s pregnancy. He asks Gayu the reason for her tension. Gayu doesn’t share anything. He tells her that he is there to help her as a friend. Naira and Kartik perform dance and celebrate Gangaur to pass time until the puja mahurat arrives. Naira tells Kartik that she loves him a lot. He too confesses love to her. Purushottam tries to take advantage of the dance performance and get close to her. Kartik and Naira make the idol together. Purushottam holds Naira and irks her a lot. Mansi finds his new interest in Naira.

She goes to warn him against badly eyeing Naira. Dadi blesses Kartik and Naira like always. Gayu informs Vivaan about her pregnancy. She is sure that Rama will be hurt knowing this truth. She wants to tell the news to family when Vivaan arrives. Naira finds Mansi scolding Purushottam. She gets puzzled. She thinks to ask the reason. She tells Kartik about Mansi’s conflict with Purushottam. Kartik rebukes Naira’s thoughts about their argument. He asks her not to think anything wrong about Purushottam.

He makes her apologize to Purushottam, when the latter clears their doubts. He tells them that he will always love the children and end their annoyances. Naira feels sorry to misunderstand Purushottam. Kartik asks her not to get any negative vibes. He doesn’t want Naira to upset Purushottam further. He clears to her that Purushottam can never be wrong. Naira goes to Purushottam with an apology. Purushottam forgives her for her wrong thinking. Mansi finds Purushottam up to his next evil. She gets alert and wants to inform Kartik about Purushottam’s truth.


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