Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Mohendar learns a brutal truth

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Mohendar learns a brutal truth

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Mohendar looks for Kulfi everywhere. Kulfi and her friends win the first round by impressing the audience and also the judge. Amyra tells Sikandar and Lovely that she has reached the second round. Sikandar hugs Amyra and congratulates her. He wants her to keep performing well. Judge tells the kids that they have to perform better next time and not make fun of music. He wants the kids to fulfill their dreams the right way. He shocks Kulfi by telling his decision that its a no from his side.

Mia doesn’t want the judge to become a hurdle in Kulfi’s way. Kulfi doesn’t get much scores from the judge, but passes the round by the audience votes. Kulfi gets happy since she has been praying to get the maximum votes from the audience. Kulfi and the kids get delighted. They still bear the pain of hunger. Mia meets them to congratulate. She helps the kids and gives them much food to have. Kulfi gets happy and thankful to Mia. Mia is happy that they have cleared the first round. She acts to scold her staff in front of the kids to keep her image good and nice.

She constantly gets the kids recorded to use the footage for the TRPs. The kids aren’t aware of Mia’s plan to expose them in front of the audience. Amyra tells Sikandar that judge has praised her performance. She is called for the knockout round. Amyra is sure to win the second round and make her family proud. Sikandar tells her that she has to take care of herself, so she should rest for a while. Mia finds Kulfi a bright girl. She tells the staff that Kulfi will be the star of her story, since she is really honest and selfless, she sings well and didn’t lie about anything. She wants Kulfi to gain sympathy from the audience, so that their show becomes number one.

She wants to project Kulfi in a way that they get good viewership. She wants some villain in the story to hype it even more. Lovely finds a girl giving tough competition to Amyra. She wants to expel her in some way so that Amyra’s way gets clear. Kulfi and the kids are also prepared for the knockout round. They don’t get much time and worry that they can’t do it so soon. Kulfi tells the kids that they can sing it any way. She prepares for the knockout round. Lovely meets Amyra’s competent and manipulates her. The girl tells her that she is confident to win.

Lovely misleads her and tells her that knockout round is going to happen tomorrow. The girl leaves from the competition. Lovely gets mean once again, just to make Amyra win. She doesn’t want anyone to defeat Amyra in the competition. Mohendar tries to track Kulfi and takes the help from the police. He lies to Sikandar about Kulfi. Inspector tells Mohendar that Kulfi belongs to the remand home and has escaped from there with some kids. Mohendar can’t believe this shocking news. He lies to Sikandar once again so that he doesn’t take any tension. Mohendar realizes that Kulfi was in big trouble before and even now she is in trouble, since police is chasing her. Sikandar advises the remand home kids to have believe in themselves, so that they win. Kulfi gets the beautiful clothes. Kulfi and Sikandar miss to meet each other. Amyra and Kulfi compete once again.


  1. This is nonsense that kulfi misplaced and mohinder not telling the truth to family .It is also negative thing shows that elders can not convince a child amayra that she is wrong .This is all giving a wrong message to small child


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