Kulfi Kumar Amyra turns evil Sikandar deceived big time

Kulfi Kumar Amyra turns evil Sikandar deceived big time

Kulfi Kumar Amyra turns evil. Amyra makes fun of her competitor. Kulfi’s friends get worried that they won’t be able to win without Kulfi, who has suddenly gone somewhere. Kulfi returns to the stage and tells Amyra that she isn’t afraid of anyone. She tells Amyra that she will not accept defeat so easily, she will fight for herself and her team. She reveals her identity to Amyra. Amyra turns surprised and shocked as well. She didn’t expect Kulfi. Kulfi tells Amyra that she had teamed with her before, but Amyra broke their friendship. She feels disgusted that Amyra is so selfish. She tells Amyra that she won’t break her team, she will always keep her friendship with her friends. She is sure to win and forget Amyra’s misdeeds.

Kulfi and her team get applauded for their confidence. Kulfi wants to win and show it to Amyra where they both belong. Mia suspects a relationship between Amyra and Kulfi. She wants to know the back story. She wants the audience to vote for both the performers. The audience gives equal marks to Amyra and Kulfi. They both get selected. Amyra gets angry seeing Kulfi stealing her limelight, fame and success once again. Mia finds the villain of her show, that’s Amyra. She feels Kulfi and Amyra’s fight looks a big one. She gets a spicy story from the girls’ fight. She wants to dig in more and know the matter.

Amyra wants to keep Sikandar away from Kulfi. She returns to Sikandar in tensed state. Sikandar and Lovely feel she has lost and encourage her. Sikandar hugs Amyra. Amyra doesn’t want Kulfi to meet Sikandar. Sikandar and Lovely get surprised when they learn that Amyra is selected. Kulfi sheds tears in Sikandar’s memory. She doesn’t want to get between them. Mia declares the classical singing round. This brings tension for Kulfi. Mia arranges the kids’ stay in Gurukul. This gives some relief to Kulfi. Mia asks the kids to take training to sharpen their talents further.

Amyra tells Mia that Sikandar is her music teacher. Mia takes interest in the story because Sikandar is a celebrity already. Mia is sure that audience will love the story of Sikandar, his daughter and the other girl in their lives. She is sure that audience will sympathize with Kulfi and make her the show’s heroine while Amyra will turn into a vamp. Elsewhere, Mohendar searches for Kulfi. He is much disheartened with Lovely’s cheap act. Sikandar calls him to inform about Amyra’s big success. Sikandar misses Kulfi a lot. He enquires about Kulfi. Mohendar lies to him that Kulfi is fine and happy. He doesn’t want Sikandar to worry more. He doesn’t know where will be find Kulfi.

Kulfi is also trained by Sikandar. He also thinks that Kulfi would have enjoyed such competitions well. He wishes that Kulfi also participated with Amyra. He has a big responsibility to keep Amyra and Kulfi away. Kulfi and her friends are happy to get a place in Gurukul. Amyra is insecure to see Kulfi happy and laughing. Mia finds Amyra and Kulfi fighting in the private ward. Amyra demands to know why has Kulfi returned in their lives. She asks Kulfi not to steal Sikandar ever. Mia learns their relation. Amyra scolds Kulfi and wants her to get away. Amyra wants Kulfi to get evicted at any cost. She promises to take revenge on Kulfi. Mia spies on them and gets their revenge story known.

She wants to put the fight included in the episode, so that it gets dramatic when she exposes Kulfi and kids, belonging to remand home. Mia finds Kulfi a nice girl. She sympathizes with a true soul, but also sees the TRPs getting high with Kulfi’s story. Amyra plans to frame Kulfi. The same old enmity between them begins. Kulfi gets delighted to meet Sikandar. Mia invites him to know more of the interesting story. The kids tell Kulfi that Sikandar is the one who motivated them. Kulfi doesn’t want to meet him, fearing he will recognize them. Kulfi feels sorry for herself. Amyra returns to her evil self once again, and wants to ruin Kulfi’s dreams.


  1. Nimrat and sikandars daughter kulfi is sikandars daughter. Not that amyra, a very selfish, cheap, disgusting, bad, mad same like lovely. But sikandar has done wrong to abandoned his own daughter kulfi for that amyra, a very selfish, cheap, disgusting, bad, mad, same like lovely, who is not sikandars daughter, but is lovely and tewars daughter. Please make sikandar and his family and especially that lovely amyra to realise their mistake for doing wrong with kulfi, and after realised their mistake please please make sikandar and his family and especially that lovely amyra to bring kulfi home, and to allow kulfi to stay with them together or make that lovely amyra out of this serial kulfi Kumar bajewala or make kulfi to become strong after that I wish, I want that kulfi should not return to sikandar and his family and should not never forgive sikandar lovely amyra. Or make kulfi to stay in chiroli with her mama, Miami, with her chiroli friends and remand home friends. Do anything, but please please keep kulfi Happy

    • I really thought Sikandar character is someone special and unique when the serial started at first but with time I guess he is one of the most vulnerable characters like seen in all the Hindi serials these days all the main leads are spineless. He should have been supportive towards Kulfi. Such a regretful helpless inhumane person he is.

    • I just can’t stop myself from watching the show so because I am addicted to the actors and their wonderful acting but this track is really giving me upsetting moments and that’s why I am thinking to just stop watching it

  2. I think serial name should be crying Kulfi because the serial want Kulfi to be sad How can father abondon his own child for wife child from another man Sikander is shown as fool who does not realise Lovely and Amarya are bad

    • I hate the character of Amyra more than I hate the character of lovely. Amyra is more evil than her mother. She is a kid and should be clean hearted angelic like Normal kids of her age.

  3. Sikandar is a big fool he has no values of emotions because if he really valued emotions then he would have really valued his own daughter how can he think of someone else not kulfi when he claims to be the best father

  4. Feel like laughing. Such a boring serial. I have stopped watching it . Senseless story. My neighbour kids like amayra and her villainous character. Amayra’s character spoils my neighbour kids. Please stop showing such a villainous character.

  5. Sikander’s character is the most confused one. This is not helping the TRP as several persons who were watching this show continuously have stopped doing so. How can they show such extreme negativity…..

    • Mad fellow acting great sacrificing figure. One who can’t do justice act like making compromise with himself and own happiness but the truth is they end others happiness. Sikandar just acting like a saint.

  6. Kulfi के निर्देशक भी मियां की तरह ” मशाला, मशाला, मशाला” के चक्कर मे रहते है लेकिन ज़्यादा मशाला भी दर्शकों को दूर कर देगा

  7. In real life no one will leave his real daughter and I don’t think that amrya is real sick the way she is sing they will show she has been fine and sikander have stand by his words that till amrya is alive he will not meet kulfi stupid story .I don’t understand why his elder brother is hiding truth after find the truth of lovely where she had sended kulfi .They all are concern for amrya not for kulfi who is their blood relation.


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