Kulfi Kumar Tevar entry much anticipated

Kulfi Kumar Tevar entry much anticipated

Kulfi Kumar Tevar entry. Kulfi’s life has turned into a roller coaster ride, where the girl just gets bad news from every corner. She had found a good father in Tevar and was also believing so that he is her biological father. Sikandar couldn’t digest that Kulfi is Tevar’s child. He left no stone unturned in finding out Kulfi and Tevar’s real connection. He proved that Tevar isn’t Kulfi’s real father. While proving Tevar’s truth, he came across the biggest truth hidden by Lovely, that Amyra is Tevar’s daughter. Tevar becomes a favorite in Kulfi and Amyra’s lives. He becomes Kulfi’s father, and Amyra’s bestie. He gets heartbroken as well when he knows about Lovely swapping his daughter’s identity with Kulfi just for her personal motives.

Tevar feels sorry for himself and barges out of Sikandar and Kulfi’s lives. He gets shattered that his own daughter Amyra doesn’t acknowledge their relation. Back and then, Tevar is still much awaited in the track where Amyra is assumed to be dying. Amyra isn’t going anywhere, since she has laid her strong foot in the little star competition and is hell bent to win by fair and unfair means.

Sikandar isn’t dying to teach his values to Amyra. He gets so imbalanced in life, that he isn’t focussing on Amyra completely too. He is doing wrong with Kulfi already even when he now knows that she is his daughter. He leaves Kulfi to suffer in life and pay a price for being his daughter. He fails to keep an eye on Amyra, who got a free hand because of her critical condition. Amyra and Lovely get successful in separating Kulfi and Sikandar. Despite the fact that the Amyra is participating in a reality show, Tevar doesn’t turn up. A well balanced character is much missed in the track, who could have brought a momentum in Kulfi’s life.

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  1. I want Tevar back also. Kulfi and Tevar were cute together, she made him a better person. There is no hope for Amyra she is a selfish, evil, entitled, brat that here mother has groomed. Sikander is an awful father, such a weak man.

  2. Seriously you going to lose ratings if you keep this up amayra is dying yet still she is evil especially when she know that kulfi is sikander daughter it’s time that the truth come out regarding amayra real father.

      • I have to agree (all the way from Cape Town)! It is too much now. The constant crying by everyone. Tevar is a nice bloke and Sikki is a little too much now. He should (change personality) have a complete melt down, throw all his toys on the floor and put his damn foot down! As for Kulfie, she too needs to become a little more “fiery” and someone who KNOWS the entire truth should bladdy well tell Sikander to his face. Not sure I can handle the mellla dramatics anymore, but I suppose I must learn to shake it off? Skipping 2- 4 episodes may help but PLEASE….let the action start now and in FAVOUR of Kulfi for a change. PS – Awesome show this.

  3. I want Tevar to return and Amyra to find out that he is her father, let her leave SIkander and then he will realize he has lost both daughters. And Fatty should leave him also for her first love!!!

  4. Yup we want tevar back… Kulfi deserves to be with tevar… Sikandar should suffer watching kulfi with tevar… They both are always taken for granted by lovely and sikandar… Tevar pls aa jao we miss u…. A new spice will be added in kulfis life… Pls tevar can help benaam group… Pls the makers ok kkb are u listening… U can get a mind blowing story if tevar enters again in the show… #wewanttevarback…. He is a perfect example of a father n he truly loves kulfi…

  5. It’s the right time now for the serial TRP to rise.. entry of Tevar to be brought in. Kulfi suffered alot and now its high time Kulfi should be smiling and see new hope in Tevar.

    • After listening to kulfi mia must help her and reveal the truth in front of everybody. In the end of little super star she should introduce amyra lovely tevar daughter and kulfi nimrat sikander Singh Gill. Like this amyra will also come to know about her real father. Please make the serial interesting. Kulfi should stop crying know and stand strong in front of his father also.

  6. I want tevar back an I think amyra should no who her father is but kulfi been through enough it’s time she and her father should get reunited. Because this thing u all have going on wit kulfi an her father should come to an end it’s time they get together now

  7. Bring tevar back.i had the same opinion .tevar is strong character who being amyras father should be there till end.then why they have packed him up good knows.idiotic tracks.that stupid selfish amyra has no meltdowns even in her dying stage.god she is just that moti mother in doubles

  8. Please bring Tevar back. We all are missing him very much. Can’t stand that mother and her evil daughter. Love Kulfi. What a beautiful and a strong child actor she is. Please Gul Khan bring him back.

  9. Please Gul Khan bring Tevar back. Really missing him in the show. He is a very good actor. Just don’t like mother and her bloody evil daughter. What a beautiful and geourges child actor Kulfi is. Love Kulfi and Sikandar very much.

  10. Please being Tevar back, he’s the only one who can handle Loveleen and her dramatics. Besides he’s a far better father figure.

  11. I hate that witch Amyra and her mother with passion.Sikander is not well representing Indian man at all,how can a father hurt his biological child like this to please another man’s child.I personally think that this drama must just stop airing

  12. What a terrible little human being is that a Myra, she needs a good hiding. Skandering don’t deserve to be Kulfi father. When does this serial end.


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