Spoilers Udaan Roop Sitara

Colors’ Mini Spoilers Udaan Roop Sitara

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Spoilers Udaan Roop Sitara Roop didn’t know Ishika will fall in trouble to fail his plans. Himani releases Ishika. Ishika is innocent and saves Himani from Roop’s plans. Roop gets happy that both of them are safe, but he maintains his rudeness towards them. He wants to give happiness to Shamsher. He doesn’t tell the family about Shamsher’s illness. Himani gets attacked by the goons. Her husband gets kidnapped. Roop saves Himani’s husband. He will be getting the medal for his bravery. Shamsher’s sorrow gets subsided because of Roop. His dream to see Roop winning the medal gets fulfilled.

Vrinda plans to tackle Sitara and Viraj during the Navratri celebrations. Vishkanyas plan the nine shocks for Sitara. They challenge Sitara. Surili targets Viraj. Vrinda plans her big game by reviving an evil spirit. Sitara and Viraj stay unaware of Vrinda’s plans.

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Anjor tries her best to impress Sameer and make a place in his heart again. She tells him that she regrets to hurt him and his family. Its not easy for him to trust her again. She promises that she will change for him. She acts as his wife in front of Bhanu Pratap.

Sameer gets pleased seeing Anjor’s dance performance during the Navratri celebrations. Anjor makes Chanda join her in the dance. Anjor and Sameer have a moment. Sameer clicks her pictures. They have come to find out Bhanu’s evil intentions. They doubt about Bandhuagiri practice which is still continued by Bhanu. Sameer collects the evidences against Sameer. Chakor takes a disguise to hide her identity. Chakor wants to save Anjor and Sameer from evil Bhanu Pratap. Chakor pledges to free Aazaadgunj once again. Anjor suspects Chakor’s presence around. Chakor wants to expose Bhanu’s evil and get him arrested for the huge crimes done in the past. Anjor will play a big role in getting the villagers freed from Bhanu.







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