Kulfi Kumar Baajewala Upcoming big twists lined up

Kulfi Kumar Baajewala Upcoming big twists lined up

Kulfi Kumar Baajewala Upcoming. Mahesh trains the kids and asks them to do the best in the single chance they have got. He tells them that technical rehearsals will help them win. He also reveals about the three judges who will see their talent and try to evaluate their performances in this round. Kulfi sings well and stuns Mahesh once again. Mia finds Kulfi a real star. She feels this competition is the biggest challenge for her, since Kulfi is very weak emotional. She knows that Kulfi can never hide her emotions. She wants to bring Sikandar on the stage to know Kulfi and Sikandar’s relation. She wishes to help Kulfi in a way, by using this fact. She is ready to unite Kulfi with her father for her own benefit.

Elsewhere, Amyra performs well in the practice session. Sikandar is proud that she has sung so well and will win the classical round. He asks her to be assured of her success. Kulfi gets restless to meet him. She stops herself by recalling how he had asked her to leave from his life. Amyra gets worried that Sikandar can easily identify Kulfi’s voice. She doesn’t want Sikandar to attend the round. She thinks of keeping him away so that he doesn’t see Kulfi. Mohendar still tries to find Kulfi. Police doesn’t help him much. Sikandar calls Mohendar to inform about Amyra’s wonderful practice and hard work.

He tells Mohendar that he wants to see Kulfi once. Mohendar tells him that he doesn’t need to talk to Kulfi now, else she will be disheartened again. He reasons out why he is hiding this shocking thing from Sikandar. He doesn’t want to give more tension to Sikandar, since he already suffered a heart attack. Mohendar requests the inspector to find Kulfi. He feels bad to lie to Sikandar about Kulfi. He wishes that he gets Kulfi and turns his lie into truth. Sikandar misses Kulfi and talks to her picture.

Amyra finds him missing Kulfi and takes new vows from him that he will always be with him. She makes him promise that he won’t come to watch the second round performance, since she will get nervous. He promises to not spoil her performance. She doesn’t want to waste his hardwork by losing. He tells her that he is happy that she learnt singing from him. He agrees to her and tells her that he can fulfill any condition only if she takes care of everyone.

She asks him to be with her in every round ahead. She feels sorry to make him away. She is sure that Kulfi will be knocked off in the second round and then there won’t be any problem. She has no idea that Kulfi has already practiced in the technical rehearsals. Mahesh encourages the kids for their good performance. He doesn’t want the kids to get scared of the judge Pandit Vishnu. Mahesh introduces the kids to him and praises the good students he has got by fate. Pandit ji doesn’t think they are worthy to win and discourages them. Mahesh expresses his belief that the kids will score the highest in this round. The kids get many good wishes.

Amyra gets Lovely with her to support. The show brings two new judges, Udit Narayan and Usha Uthup. Sikandar stays away from the competition. He wishes to fulfill his duties. He gets praying for Kulfi. He wants to see Kulfi some how. Mia meets him to fulfill his wish. She tells him that maybe she can help him. Sikandar becomes the special guest in the show. Sikandar gets to see Kulfi’s performance. His wish gets fulfilled since he sees Kulfi before the day ends, but is also equally amazed by her performance.


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