Kulfi Kumar Tevar Confirmed entry and more telly twists

Kulfi Kumar Tevar Confirmed entry and more telly twists

Kulfi Kumar Tevar Confirmed entry: Tevar will be soon making an entry in the show, on learning about Amyra’s terminal illness and her longing wish to win the Little superstar competition. Tevar will be making a way back in the lives of Amyra and Kulfi. He has left from Lovely’s life before for a reason, that Amyra didn’t know that he is her biological father. He didn’t wish to snatch Amyra from Lovely that time. Tevar will be making a big revelation to Amyra, since its his right to be with his daughter. Tevar will reveal to Amyra that she is his daughter, not of Sikandar. He will be seen caring for Amyra and explaining her the harsh truth of their lives.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira gets celebrating in Gayu and Samarth’s engagement. Purushottam tries to misbehave with Naira. Mansi spots him reaching close to Naira and trying to annoy her with his cheap tricks. Mansi doesn’t want Purushottam to traumatize Naira. She tries to protect Naira. Samarth and Gayu get engaged in the presence of the families. Mansi stops Purushottam stops harming Naira. She exposes Purushottam and breaks his camera. She loses her cool. She feels his presence shouldn’t continue. She is scared for Naira and herself. The entire family gets much shock when Mansi slaps Purushottam and reveals his dirty intentions. Naira too tells Kartik about Purushottam’s cheap behavior. Naira and Mansi have an outburst in the dream sequence. Purushottam doesn’t get exposed in reality.

Ronak tries to find the reason behind Muskaan’s rejection to his love proposal. He calls up Jaya and takes her help. He asks Jaya to talk to Muskaan and try to find what’s going on in her heart. Muskaan shares her feelings with Jaya. She tells Jaya that she is worried for Gayatri, who didn’t accept her as Ronak’s wife by heart. She wants to get Gayatri’s consent on her marriage so that she can give her approval to Ronak.

Muskaan doesn’t want to upset anything in Singh family. Ronak learns Muskaan’s big reason and feels she truly deserves his love, since she loves and respects his mother a lot. On the other hand, Shantanu lays a plan and learns Kajal’s truth. He then confronts her for killing so many people just for Ronak’s love. Kajal doesn’t leave any clue behind and kills Shantanu as well. Gayatri witnesses Kajal’s crime and gets a huge shock on hearing her long list of crime confession. She doesn’t believe that this could be the truth. Kajal decides to kill Gayatri as well.


  1. Atlast writers of kulfi got their brains on.. thanks for bringing tevar back.. he has right to know about her daughter and Amyra also..

    Let’s end the insecurity of Amyra towards Sikander

    And make Sikander and kulfi unite


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