Colors TV Udaan Anjor breaks her past truth to Sameer

Voot Udaan Sameer killed Anjor faces a memory loss

Colors TV Udaan Anjor gets disturbed seeing her childhood memories. She feels sad finding every good memory dumped in the storeroom. She finds the pictures of her family and cries. She recalls her childhood. She gets emotional. She misses Suraj. Sameer feels she is stone hearted and doesn’t value relations. He asks her to value Chakor first if she really has a heart. He gets rude towards her. She wants to convince him that she loves him. She hates Chakor a lot, since Chakor has betrayed her. Anjor is mistaken that Chakor didn’t choose her as a priority. She cries and is much anoyed with Chakor. Chakor is in disguise and tries to get Sameer and Anjor out of Bhanu’s haveli. Bhanu leaves his spies to find out Sameer and Anjor’s truth.

Sameer and Anjor have an argument. Anjor wants Sameer to leave Aazaadgunj. He doesn’t listen to her. Anjor has lost her family in the village and feels the place is very unlucky. She cleans the name plate of Rajvanshi house. She takes the pictures of her childhood with her parents.

Sameer is confused that she has changed a lot after coming to Aazaadgunj. He doesn’t know much about her past. She asks her how does she know everything well, how can she know every room of the haveli. He asks her about the stamp mark on her wrist. He threatens her that he will call Jatin and tell him that she is with him in Aazaadgunj. Anjor doesn’t want this to happen. She tells her truth that she belongs to Aazaadgunj and the stamp is of bandhuagiri. Sameer can’t believe the truth. Bhanu learns the truth that Anjor is Chakor’s daughter, and captures her. Chakor will come to rescue her daughter from the evil Bhanu. Will this bring a change in Chakor and Anjor’s relation? Keep reading.


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