Kulfi Kumar Sikandar Sudden appearance turns shocking

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar Sudden appearance turns shocking

Kulfi Kumar Sikandar Sudden appearance. Mia conspires to get Sikandar on the stage. She acts clever and tells him that it will be an encouraging surprise for all the contestants. Sikandar agrees to Mia and thinks of surprising Amyra as well. Amyra wants Sikandar to be away from the stage, since Kulfi will also be there. She doesn’t want Sikandar to see Kulfi. Kulfi is sure to win in the competition. She encourages the kids that they will fail all the hurdles and become strong by going up to new levels. Mahesh asks them to go and sing on the stage. He blesses them and wishes them the high progress. He asks them not to change the tune now. He is relieved that they will perform the best. Kulfi and Amyra compete once again in the second round.

Sikandar is called on the stage, which shocks Amyra and Kulfi the most. They both want to avoid Sikandar. Lovely has no idea what is Amyra hiding, so she stays ignorant. Amyra feels Sikandar had promised her that he won’t come. She thinks he isn’t keeping his promise once again. Kulfi sees Sikandar coming. Mia thanks Sikandar for becoming the chief guest. Amyra thinks Sikandar will easily recognize Kulfi’s voice by hearing her. Kulfi doesn’t want to sing before him. She wants to avoid him. She feels weak seeing him in front.

Sikandar asks Amyra not to get nervous, since he has come just to become her strength. Sikandar takes his seat and waits for the competition to start. He also tells that he wishes the best contestant to win, he has trained Amyra well, he is lucky to hear her singing today. He expresses his love for his daughter Amyra. He prays that a miracle happens and he meets his other daughter Kulfi also. Kulfi feels she is also his daughter, but he doesn’t know anything. Sikandar asks Amyra to sing from her heart and make her hardwork win. Mahesh asks the kids to go on the stage. Kulfi gets scared to go in front of Sikandar. The kids ask her why is she refusing to come. Kulfi Kumar Sikandar Sudden appearance wasn’t expected by anyone.

Mia wants to see Kulfi’s reaction on seeing Sikandar as the chief guest. She tracks Kulfi’s emotions to highlight it further. Pandit ji discourages Kulfi’s group before the performance. Even then, the other judges support her. Kulfi gets nervous to perform in front of Sikandar. But, she knows that she can’t make her group lose. She gains strength to sing well and take her group towards the victory. When she begins singing, Sikandar gets a shock realizing its Kulfi.

Even his family recognizes Kulfi’s voice and wonder how did this happen. Kulfi changes the tune being tensed. Mia wants to capture the close-up of Sikandar’s tears. She concludes that Kulfi and Sikandar have a solid connection and now that can’t be hidden. Sikandar gets certain that its Kulfi before him. He doesn’t know why Mohendar lied to him and when did she become part of this Benaam group. Pandit ji criticizes Kulfi’s singing. Kulfi gets emotional and cries. Pandit ji breaks Kulfi’s confidence. Mahesh feels upset that Kulfi didn’t perform too well.

The audience likes Kulfi’s performance and even the other two judges praise her for rendering an amazing performance, directly from the heart. The judges get into an argument over Benaam group. Sikandar cries on seeing his daughter facing criticism. He wants to shout out that Kulfi is his daughter and she deserves to win. Kulfi leaves from the stage, while Sikandar follows her to meet. Mia waits for a big opportunity coming her way. She asks her staff to record Sikandar and Kulfi’s conversation to air in the episode for gaining high TRPs.



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