Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shocking Evil Plot against Bhallas

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shocking Evil Plot against Bhallas

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Shocking Evil Plot. Seema tells Ruhi that her parents have refused to accept Abir. Ruhi consoles her. Seema tells her that she will elope with Abir. Seema asks Ruhi to keep her luggage, she will soon come to collect the bag and plan elopement with Abir. Ruhi doesn’t know if she is doing right by helping Seema. She tells Seema that she is doing wrong to leave her parents and run away. Seema assures that she will speak to her parents once again. Ruhi gets trapped by Sahil. She just tried to help a friend, and didn’t know Seema is cheating him. Seema asks her to leave her bag in the car trunk itself. Ruhi helps Seema in eloping. Sahil asks his goons to swap the bag. He makes an evil plot, which can’t be imagined by Raman in his dream.

Raman works hard to solve the issues at the factory. The Bhallas worry that Raman is much stressed. Raman tells them that it will be a big loss if the factory gets shut down. He tells Ruhi that he will fulfill the demands of the workers, since there is no other option. Raman asks Aaliya and Yug to stay at home. Aaliya insists him to at least take Adi along. Raman unwilling takes Yug with him. Mani and Shagun try to help out Raman.

Sharma continues the strike to make the matter worse for Raman. He wants revenge for the slap. He wants Raman to apologize to him, else the workers will never resume the work. The workers keep Raman occupied in the strike. Sahil wants to mess up Raman’s life more. Sharma tells Sahil that he will make Raman beg to him. Sahil wants Sharma to punish Raman. Sahil asks about Ishita. Sharma tells him that Ishita isn’t at the office. Sahil wonders where is Ishita. He asks Sharma to find out. Raman doesn’t know what’s happening. He doesn’t wish to apologize. Ruhi and Yug don’t want Raman to apologize.

Shagun asks Raman to apologize and stop the hunger strike. Sharma learns that Ishita is in London. Sahil gets informed about Ishita. He feels Raman’s family has lied to him, maybe Raman had sent Ishita away to protect her. He gets more doubtful about Ishita’s involvement in Muskaan’s murder. Mani tells Shagun that even if Raman apologizes, Sharma will keep new demands.

Sahil is glad that Seema tricked Ruhi and trapped her well. Sahil asks Seema to not get clicked in the picture with Ruhi this time. He explains his evil plan. Raman makes a plan and calls Simmi to take help. He asks her to make food for entire staff, so that they can end the strike by approaching the staff this way. Simmi likes his idea. Ruhi tells Seema that she can’t come to meet her. Seema tells Ruhi that she has decided to leave the city the same day. Shagun asks Ruhi to meet her friend and return on time.

Sahil learns Raman’s plan to end the hunger strike. He asks his goon to mix poison in the food, so that the workers die and Raman gets arrested. Sahil is happy that Raman and his family are trapped. Seema meets Ruhi and takes her bag. She thanks Ruhi for all the help. How will Raman save Ruhi and all his workers from Sahil’s deadly trap? Keep reading.


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