Kullfi Kumar Bajewala Upcoming High Voltage Drama

Kullfi Kumar Bajewala Upcoming High Voltage Drama

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Kullfi Kumar Bajewala Upcoming Twist. Kulfi faces different opinions on her emotional rendering in the competitions. The judges have a clash of opinions. Pandit ji wants Kulfi to get out of the competition. The other judges feel Kulfi’s song has touched their hearts and she deserves a chance to continue in the competition. Sikandar realizes that Mohendar had lied to him about Kulfi. Mia captures Sikandar’s reactions. Mia wants to know if Kulfi is really Sikandar’s daughter. Sikandar gets emotional on seeing his daughter struggling on the stage. He cries out and couldn’t speak to express his opinion.

Amyra and Lovely are in shock that Kulfi made a way into their lives once again. Sikandar wants to know about Kulfi’s presence in the competition by talking out to her. Pandit ji discourages Kulfi and gives her a Zero to lower her overall score. The other judges support Kulfi and give her full marks, finding her singing very true. They support the little talented kids. Kulfi and gang stay back in the competition. They qualify for the next round. Amyra goes mad in anger and jealousy once again. She cries her pain out on seeing Sikandar rushing to Kulfi. Kulfi leaves the stage, while Sikandar follows her.

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Lovely wants to follow them and know the matter. Mahesh scolds Kulfi for changing the tune in the final moment and disappointing him. He tells her that she shouldn’t have changed the tune. Kulfi cries out that she lost the tune in a shock. Mahesh feels that the kids got humiliated on the stage. He doesn’t want to mentor the kids further. Mahesh tells Kulfi that he will never teach her again. Kulfi feels sorry since she can’t explain why she has spoiled the performance. Mia wants to expose the remand home kids on the stage in the final round. Sikandar looks for Kulfi and goes mad to talk to her.

He calls up Mohendar to talk to Kulfi. Mohendar lies at first and then tells Sikandar that Kulfi left the day he asked her to leave from their lives. Sikandar learns that Kulfi is missing since that day. Mohendar apologizes to him that he lost Kulfi, but he is trying hard to find her since that day. He informs Sikandar about his findings that Kulfi was sent to remand home, she had escaped from there and is with the remand home kids right now. He feels ashamed that he couldn’t keep his responsibility.

Sikandar feels shattered that Kulfi is struggling because of him. He tells Mohendar that Kulfi is with the kids here in the competition to compete for success. Mohendar gets glad to know that Kulfi is found by Sikandar.

Sikandar finally reaches Kulfi and apologizes to her. She stays upset with him. He asks her to forgive him. He didn’t wish her to wander on roads. He tells her that he loves her a lot and he doesn’t wish her to suffer. Sikandar and Kulfi have a moment of union after a long separation. He asks her why did she go to remand home, why didn’t she reveal this to him before. Kulfi scolds him for sending her away when she faced many difficulties in reaching him. She tells him that he is her hero, but he didn’t live up to her expectations. She reveals how much she suffered in the remand home and planned her escape just to reach him. She scolds him for betraying her so badly. Mia watches their emotional confrontation and tracks their relation. She hears their conversation and gets everything recorded.






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  1. Shalini Avatar

    Finally something nice happening show going on good track now looking ahead.

  2. Shalini Avatar

    Amazing pic I wish sikandar kulfi get together like in the pic. Really excited. Sikandar Learnt entire truth. Wow.

  3. Huma Avatar

    I will do hats off to Sikandar only if he takes a stand for Kulfi this time.

  4. Shirin Avatar

    I wish kulfi finally gets united with her father. Stop making her suffer so much. Give her a break.

  5. Satish Avatar

    Pls meet them

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