Yeh Rishtaa Kya Naira to face an extreme challenge

Yeh Rishtaa Kya Naira to face an extreme challenge

Yeh Rishtaa Kya Naira is timely encouraged by Kartik, who believes that she can do anything in her life. Naira thanks Kartik for all his help. Rama and Devyaani take care of Gayu. They want Gayu to stay stress free. Gayu feels sorry to trouble the family. Devyaani and Kirti don’t want any relations to suffer. They ask Gayu to live life happily and give a second chance to it. Devyaani feels the support of family always eases things out. They all cheer Gayu and try to bring a smile on her face. They apply mehendi to Gayu’s hand and asks her to look ahead to her relation with Samarth. Dadi doesn’t want Naira to work in the project. She wants Naira to be with them and help them in mehendi preparations.

Mansi asks Dadi to stop Naira from working with Purushottam. Dadi warns Mansi from spoiling the family’s happiness by revealing anything. Kartik finds Naira getting nervous and asks her to give her best. Naira goes for her presentation. Dadi wants Naira to finish her work soon so that they can start the mehendi rasam. Kartik helps Dadi and tries to relieve her tensions. Dadi doesn’t like Kartik’s equality approach. She wishes him to manage the project. Naira impresses one and all with her presentation. Kartik gets confused in his work, while watching Naira’s presentation.

He is happy and proud that Naira has worked so hard. Kartik gets happy and praises Naira for putting up an excellent presentation. The family applauds Naira. Kartik rushes for the meeting, while Purushottam asks Naira to come with him for the final presentation. Mansi worries for Naira’s safety. Purushottam asks Naira to give the presentation in front of the client, so that the project starts sooner with the approval. Dadi allows Naira to go with Purushottam. She tells Naira that Purushottam worked hard in setting their business. Naira tells Kartik that she has to fulfill duties from both the families’ side. Kartik wants Naira to keep expectations of the family and go for Ila’s project work first.

Naira goes with Purushottam alone and feels really strange, in Kartik’s absence. Mansi wants to warn Naira about Purushottam. Purushottam tries to get close to Naira. She gets uneasy with his nonsense talks. She asks him about the presentation and clients. Purushottam tells her that the presentation got cancelled. Naira asks him why didn’t he tell this to her before. He tells her that they will go for having icecream and celebrate their work association before going home. He gets asking personal questions to know her better. She learns that even Kartik’s meeting for cancelled. Naira suspects his intentions when he doesn’t let her answer Mansi’s call. Mansi wishes that Naira is safe.

Naira tells Purushottam that she is feeling unwell since she isn’t carrying her medicines. She asks him to take her home. Purushottam changes the route, which drives her more suspicious. Dadi asks Mansi to help the family in arrangements. Mansi blames her for not caring for anyone’s life and respect. She wishes that Dadi didn’t turn blind eye on crucial matters. She vents anger on Dadi for not doing justice with her. Naira reprimands Purushottam and compels him to take her home. She warns him against misbehaving with her again. She tells him that she will expose him to the family and get him punished. She tells him that she was doubting on her thoughts before misjudging him, but now she is sure that he is really a creep. Purushottam gets worried on seeing Ila. Ila reacts on hearing Naira accusing her dad.

Naira tells Purushottam that she will reveal all his truth to the family. Naira doesn’t get afraid of anyone and vents anger on him. Ila scolds Naira for insulting her dad. Purushottam gains sympathy from Ila. Naira asks Ila to open her eyes and see his truth before it gets too late. Ila doesn’t believe Naira and demands her to prove her accusations. Naira tells Ila that she will prove her allegations true. Purushottam challenges Naira to expose him in Kartik’s eyes if she can. He proves Kartik’s love and respect for him and tells Naira that Kartik will never believe anything bad about him. Naira accepts the big challenge and determines to unmask Purushottam.


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