Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala Alarming announcement for Amyra

Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala Alarming announcement for Amyra

Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala Alarming announcement. Amyra gets applauded by the judges and audience. Amyra is happy to get a good response from everyone. She tells everyone that Sikandar is her teacher, who taught her to teach the rules of music. Pandit ji is happy that Amyra has sung really well. He gives her a good scores, and pleases her. She is happy to win his approval. Sikandar feels proud of Amyra, who is sincerely working to achieve success. The judges wish Amyra to progress well. When the judges compare Amyra with Kulfi, Amyra gets upset. Amyra controls her anger. She gets the equal score as Kulfi’s group. Kulfi returns on the stage for the next round. She gets selected in the top contestants.

Kulfi and Amyra have a tie score and have to compete to secure their place in the competition. Mahesh is upset with his students and want to quit. Mia doesn’t want Mahesh to leave the show midway. She asks him to train the kids’ group, since they have high chances to win. She asks Mahesh not to overreact and do his work well. Mahesh agrees to Mia. Mia wants to support Kulfi and help her until the final round. She changes the competition rounds rules and pairs up Amyra and Kulfi.

Kulfi and Amyra want to avoid each other. They don’t want to get paired up, since they can’t stand each other. They get to hear the shocking announcement that they have to sing together in the next round. Amyra and Kulfi are called on the stage to sing together. Mohendar reaches there and cries on the fate that brought Kulfi with Amyra in the competition again. He doesn’t want Kulfi or Amyra to suffer. Sikandar and Lovely worry seeing both the girls on the stage. Kulfi and Amyra’s pairing attracts the judges’ interest, but they both don’t want to sing along. Mia makes sure that Sikandar is with both his daughters on the stage.

Mia wants to see whom Sikandar lends his support. Sikandar tells them that fate makes the pairings and they have to respect that decision of fate. He wants both his daughters to sing together by having a union. He gets emotional while expressing his feelings and guiding them. He tells that he loves his daughter a lot and wants her to win. He gives his message to both of them and wants them to give their best.

Mia keeps a track of Sikandar’s inclination towards Kulfi and gets delighted to watch the twisted family drama. Mia understands that he is supporting both of them indirectly. Amyra tells Lovely that she doesn’t want to participate now. She wants to go home and spend time with Sikandar. Lovely doesn’t want Amyra to quit this way. Amyra tells them that she hates Kulfi and won’t sing with her. Kulfi also doesn’t want to sing with Amyra. The kids ask her not to lose being afraid of Amyra.

They ask Kulfi not to end their hopes, since their future also depends on her now. They encourage Kulfi to fight the battle and win. Kulfi feels upset because of Sikandar. She tells them that she is missing her dad a lot, but she is helpless after the abandonment. She feels lost in life. Sikandar gets speechless in Amyra’s case seeing her health getting critical by stress again. He doesn’t want Amyra to fall ill again.


  1. This storyline is very sickening now, drink poison and you become a perfect singer, Sikander is biased, why should a spoilt, selfish and despicable little brat like Amyra always get everything she wants as oppose to the child who has always been cheated. Don’t spoil the show more by letting Amyra/Loveleen win over Kulfi and her team

    • Good always wins
      So pls win Kulfi at least tis tym over lovelees evil play
      V almost left to watch this show bcos of every tym lovely evil trick torture kulfi

      But now watching only to c kulfi winner
      So pls kulfi is the winner?

  2. Enough of amyra’s disgusting acting and her mother’s wickedness. Also enough sikandars stupidity and overt senseless act in showing his love for Myra when he knows that she is not his daughter. Better stop this nonsense and make it sensible, lest your trp will go down like anything.


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