Abir Mishti in Yeh Rishtey face threatening situation

YRHPK Abir's accident Mishti's love confession coming up

Abir Mishti in Yeh Rishtey. Mishti speaks to Abir about her condition of marital courtship, so that she can know Kunal well before her marriage. Abir gets confused at first and then understands her. He is sure that his mum will never agree for this. Kunal also feels the same and is scared of Meenakshi’s reaction. He doesn’t want Meenakshi to hurt Mishti and Kuhu’s families more. Kunal witnesses Kuhu handling the rejection and tries to cheer her up. Kuhu still wants to know if Kunal disliked her and rejected her proposal. Kunal doesn’t want Kuhu and Mishti to get stressed because of the big alliance talks. He feels Maheshwaris are right on their own part, since Meenakshi is the one who called for complications.

Abir understands Mishti’s concern when she reasons out why she wants to know her life partner well. She tells him that she has seen many marriages falling apart because of lack of compatibility. Abir doesn’t think she is asking for anything wrong, since Kunal will also get to know her better. Meenakshi turns emotional and feels none values her at home. She is enraged that her dad has invited Maheshwaris home without asking her once. She tells him that she would decide for her sons.

She gets a huge shock on learning about Mishti’s big condition of marital courtship. She doesn’t want Mishti to regard Kunal as any object to try and use, before giving her consent for marriage. Meenakshi makes it clear that she will accept Mishti as her bahu only if she disposes the condition. Meenakshi wants to make relations with Maheshwari family, only when they remove all their conditions. Maheshwaris get stressed, when they fail to explain Meenakshi that Mishti isn’t wrong.

Meenakshi proves Mishti wrong because of lack of values and tells them that they need to guide Mishti towards the right thing. Mishti feels scared that the alliance will break. Abir and Mishti feel threatened by Meenakshi’s dangerous reaction on Mishti’s wish. Abir feels every girl has a right to know her life partner. He asks Meenakshi to change her thinking with changing times. Will Abir be able to convince Meenakshi? Keep reading.


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