Colors Spoilers Upcoming Hits and Twists

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Colors Spoilers Upcoming Hits Jhansi Ki Rani Gangadhar realizes Manu is unwell when she gets drowsy. Laccho Bai tries to make Manu wear the anklet, but Manu thinks if she sees her wound then it will be a problem. She takes the anklet. Kashi sees blood on the carpet and says blood. Ross gets alerted. Laccho Bai also sees blood. Ross asks Manu from where the blood comes on the carpet. Manu says how do I know? Ross says may be you are bearing the injury and requests Janki Bai to check if the would be queen is having any injury. Janki comes to check Manu’s foot. Laccho realizes Manu getting tensed and tells Janki that she will check. Lachho tells Ross that there is no injury on her foot. Manu and Gangadhar’s Sakarpura solemnizes. Gangadhar gets the proof and helps Ross, who calls the Vaid to catch the injured person.

Raghu gets into a fight with some goons. He gets bashed up, in front of Dhanak. Dhanak feels bad for Raghu. She takes up the don’s avatar because of Maai. Raghu is angered seeing Dhanak as the new don. He doesn’t want Dhanak to intervene in his matter. Maai asks Dhanak to punish the man for beating Raghu. Raghu wants to handle his fight again. He bashes up the goons.

Shakti: The judge declares the decision in Soumya’s favor and asks Varun to handover baby to Soham. He declares that Soumya and Harman will be the legal guardian of Soham. Varun gets angry and plans revenge. Judge initiates a case against Varun and others whoever found guilty of doing conspiracy against Soumya. Harak Singh and his family are happy and they want to rejoice. They throw a big party. Raavi asks Preeto to invite the guests for the grand party. Raavi makes Soumya ready for the party. Soumya looks ravishing in the dress. Harman also gets ready.

They come to the party with Soham. Harman, Soumya and entire family celebrate in the party with all their happiness. Harman romances Soumya. He tells her that he wants to express his love to her. Soumya tells Soumya that he loves her a lot. Soumya believes his love and tells him that she loves him too. They have a moment of love and togetherness, after a very long time.


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