Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Revenge Revelations Shocking twists

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Revenge Revelations Shocking twists

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Revenge and more twists lined up. Mia saves Kulfi from making the tough choice between Sikandar and her music teacher Mahesh. She tells them that Kulfi will listen to her since she runs the music competition. She tells Kulfi that both Amyra and she has to sing the fusion song chosen by her. She ends the dispute by choosing a song for them. Sikandar wants to train Amyra well, knowing Kulfi excels in the music any way. Kulfi tells her friends that she won’t be able to sing the song because of the lyrics, which will turn her emotional. She doesn’t know what to do to help her friends win the round. Lovely asks Amyra to understand the lyrics and perform, so that she doesn’t forget the lyrics. Amyra doesn’t want to win anything. She just wants to defeat Kulfi.

She wants Lovely to do something to stop Kulfi from coming back to Sikandar. She tells Lovely that she will take any extreme step if she doesn’t help. Kulfi asks Mahesh to help him and change the song. Mahesh is angry on Sikandar that he was dominating around. Kulfi doesn’t want Mahesh to speak ill of Sikandar. She can’t tolerate anything against Sikandar. Mahesh asks her how is she related to Sikandar that she is arguing with him. He hurts Kulfi. Sikandar intervenes and protects his daughter. He warns Mahesh against slapping Kulfi.

Mahesh tells Sikandar that he will find out their relation, since they both are protective about each other. Mia sees the emotional drama and wants to decide the best time to expose Kulfi’s truth on the stage. Kulfi refuses to sing the song. Sikandar knows the reason for it and asks her to sing it. He is sure that she will win after singing the song in the best way. Mahesh tells Mia that he will find out what’s happening. He takes it on his ego that Kulfi isn’t valuing him. Mia wants to find a perfect time to expose Kulfi and the kids. The kids don’t want their truth to come out in front of anyone.

Amyra loses her cool seeing Sikandar’s love for Kulfi. Amyra and Kulfi get together for the duet. The family wishes happiness to come in their lives. Sikandar is helpless because of the promise made to Amyra. Kulfi sings the emotional song. Amyra gets her hatred and enmity in between. She vents her anger on Kulfi while performing. Kulfi expresses her feelings on Sikandar’s abandonment move. She feels Sikandar is just of her even if he hurts her or abandons her. She sings out her feelings to him, which touches his heart. Amyra grows insecure understanding the meaning of Kulfi’s song. The wonderful performance impresses the judges. Amyra doesn’t want to be teamed with Kulfi.

She challenges Kulfi to show her face to the world if she is really a good singer. She asks Kulfi what is she concealing, as if she did any crime. She exposes Kulfi to the judges and audience, who recognize her as the remand home escapee. The kids support Kulfi. The judges want to support Kulfi. Pandit ji doesn’t want to give them another chance and tags them criminals. Sikandar tries to stop Pandit ji and audience from hurting the kids’ emotions. Pandit ji wants the kids to get punished for the crime.

Sikandar asks Kulfi not to worry, he is with her. Amyra’s plan to expose Kulfi backfires, since Sikandar steps ahead to protect Kulfi. Sikandar faces more difficult time. He tries hard to defend the kids. Pandit ji feels the kids deserve to get back to the remand home. He tells Sikandar that he will call the police. Mia didn’t know that Amyra will ruin her big plans. She finds another opportunity in the drama. Kulfi and the kids face much humiliation because of Amyra. Amyra collapses once again and gets Sikandar’s attention, while Kulfi faces a shocking arrest.


  1. I daily follow kulfi Kumar what is going on now is a utter shit. The part were kulfi and group now facing so much humiliation is veryyy bad. It should be shown her Tayaji should come forward and accept kulfi as their child.


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