Shocking Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Upcoming Heartrending

Shocking Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Upcoming Heartrending drama

Shocking Kulfi Kumar Bajewala. Pandit ji orders the guards to throw out Kulfi and other remand home kids. Sikandar gets terrified seeing Kulfi in deep trouble. The guards take the kids away with them. The kids cry when they lost out once again. They don’t want their success dreams to break this way. Kulfi tells the kids that they aren’t criminals, they have to do something to save their progress. Sikandar worries on seeing Amyra’s reaction. He doesn’t want to go to Kulfi by breaking his promise to Amyra. Kulfi asks for help and meets Mia.

She wants Mia to understand them. Mia scolds them for lying about their identity. She tells them that they have to leave from the competition now. Kulfi asks Mia to give them a chance. She begs Mia to help them out, since they have no place to go. Mia wants to save her show first.

She ousts the kids from the venue. Pandit ji and Mahesh witness the kids’ leaving, while Sikandar tries hard to save Kulfi. Mia knows that Sikandar will try his best to save Kulfi. She asks the cameramen to roll it and cover Sikandar and Kulfi’s moment. Mia tells the angry crowd that she didn’t know about the kids before. Sikandar stops the angry crowd and saves Kulfi from getting hit by stones. He bears the pain and rushes the kids inside.

Amyra wants Sikandar with him. She doesn’t care if Kulfi gets hurt, bleeding or dead. She just wants her father to keep his promise. Sikandar can’t see Kulfi in pain. He worries for her. He tells her that he will help her and not let her return to remand home. He asks Lovely to save Kulfi from the police. Lovely tells him that she will admit that Kulfi is innocent and she has sent her to remand home before. Kulfi refuses to accept Sikandar’s help. She scolds him for abandoning her when she needed him the most. She tells him that the kids have supported her a lot and she will not abandon them. She doesn’t want to go with Sikandar. She doesn’t want to relate herself with Sikandar.

Amyra obstructs Sikandar once again. She stops Sikandar from saving Kulfi. Mia sympathizes with Sikandar’s situation. She covers the drama. She asks Sikandar to go home with his daughter, so that he can avoid this tensions. Sikandar tells her that he won’t leave the kids in trouble.

Mia asks him why is he so concerned for the kids, who aren’t related to him. She tells him that remand home officials are arriving soon to catch the kids. Amyra doesn’t want Sikandar to help Kulfi, being just her dad. She asks Lovely to limit Sikandar by reminding him the promise. Sikandar turns helpless like always.

Amyra gets collapsing and loses breath when she gets more insecure of Kulfi. Mia witnesses the new twist that Amyra is facing a critical illness. She understands why Sikandar is so helpless. Sikandar and Lovely get worried for Amyra’s life. On the other hand, Kulfi faces new fears when she meets remand home official Amma ji. Doctor treats Amyra and gets her to consciousness.

Amyra tells Sikandar that she wants him with her, so that she feels better. She admits that she unmasked Kulfi deliberately so that she can oust her from the competition. She reveals her evil intentions and even then turns the family emotional, by the fact that she is soon going to die. She tells Sikandar to let Kulfi go away. She begs him to promise her once again. Amma ji insults Kulfi and the kids. She tells them that they will lose their identities in the remand home again. Lovely tries to explain Amyra. She promises that Sikandar won’t save Kulfi. She tells Sikandar that she will go and save Kulfi from the police. She convinces Amyra and saves Sikandar from making another big promise. Keep reading for more Shocking in Kulfi Kumar Bajewala.


  1. Selfish selfish Amyra, kids are so self centered, possessive that they don’t care for others. This is what we are teaching our kids. Shame on the writers you don’t know the sensitivity of the matter, how we are corrupting young minds and hearts.

  2. Stupid Serial,why they want to show lots of hatred towards kulfi, Amyra s jealous increasing day by day, and chlidren should teach good values.


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