High Five Spoilers Kulfi New Savior and more telly twists

High Five Spoilers Kulfi New Savior and more telly twists

High Five Spoilers Kulfi New Savior Udaan Chakor surrenders to Bhanu even after knowing the dire consequences just to save Anjor and Sameer from death. Bhanu doesn’t kill Chakor easily. He defames Chakor in front of the villagers and provokes them for beating Chakor to vent their anger. Chakor bears all the humiliation alone. She wants Anjor to leave from Aazaadgunj, safely with Sameer. Anjor doesn’t leave Chakor alone. Anjor tries to help Chakor. Lallan puts cow dung on Chakor. Bhanu makes fun of Chakor. He asks her if Anjor will come back to save her. Anjor makes an entry and surprises Chakor. Anjor can’t see this and throws water to clean up Chakor. Bhanu tortures Chakor. She wants him to leave Anjor and Sameer alone. Anjor teaches a lesson to Bhanu and his goons. Anjor and Chakor’s relation gets fine like before.

Viraj gets captivated by his enemies again. Vishkanyas want to kill the human in him and make him a Vishpurush. Sitara rushes to save Viraj from Vrinda’s ugly plans. Viraj and Sitara have a moment, while she frees him from Vrinda’s clutches and comforts him with her vows. Sitara has planned Vrinda’s plans. She has laid a trap for Vrinda and failed her. She saves Viraj from becoming a Vishpurush. Sitara and Vrinda have a huge fight.

Sufiyana Pyaar Mera:
Zaroon enters the lives of Kainat and Saltanat. He falls in love with Saltanat, while Kainat’s marriage proposal is fixed with him. Saltanat also falls in love with Zaroon, but dismisses his proposal when he rejects Kainat. Zaroon is determined to win Saltanat’s love. Their love story gets complicated because of Kainat.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:
Samarth gets excited for his Haldi ceremony. He gets the haldi applied by all his family members. Everyone is happy that Samarth is finally getting married. Kartik and Naira apply the haldi with love. They plan to expose Purushottam once again, since they have failed in the bachelors’ party. Anmol and Mansi join Kartik and Naira in their plan. They motivate Mansi to threaten Purushottam, so that his true colors come out. Kartik observes Purushottam’s true face while he tries to hide his intentions. There is an emotional drama. Kartik’s faith on Purushottam breaks. He gets seeing Purushottam’s real truth.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Star Plus Up coming:Amma ji scares little Kulfi and asks her to be ready to face the tough punishment. Mohendar can’t see Kulfi in trouble. He tries hard to convince the police that Kulfi isn’t a criminal. Mohendar and Gunjan want Amma ji to leave Kulfi. Sikandar witnesses Kulfi’s arrest and stands helpless in Amyra’s presence. Kulfi feels bad seeing his indifference. Lovely makes arrangements for rescuing Kulfi, in a way that Amyra doesn’t get affected. Kulfi gets a savior when an official lands on time and saves Kulfi and her friends from police.

Amma ji fails to take the kids with her. Sikandar gets glad that the kids got saved. The official also secures Kulfi and the kids’ position in the competition. He asks Mia to take back the kids in the competition. Sikandar is thankful to Lovely who saved him from Amyra’s craze. Kulfi and her friends get a new life, all thanks to Sikandar and Lovely’s help. Kulfi aims to win the competition for the sake of her deserving friends. Sikandar wants to face all the problems and protect Kulfi. Amyra comes up with a deadly plan to harm Kulfi.


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