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Star Plus Up coming Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Komolika tries to woo Anurag, but gets slapped by him. He declares that just Prerna is his love. She gets raging that he refused to love her and still loves Prerna. She falls asleep, being much drunk. Anurag gets relieved that he got rid of Komolika. Prerna misses Anurag. She recalls their love. She doesn’t want to change her love for him, even if he changed himself, their love and their relation. She tells that she will have hatred for his misdeeds. She hates herself for loving Anurag. He comes to meet her. He loses courage and stays close to her, while not facing her. He sits outside the lockup and cries in emotional state, while missing her. They both stay away, and still connected by heart.

Komolika wakes up and doesn’t remember anything what happened last night. She decides to meet Prerna. On the other hand, Anurag hires a lawyer for bailing out Prerna. He asks Lawyer not to tell Prerna or her family that he has sent him for help. He asks him to lie that he is helping them just for humanity. Lawyer agrees to his request. Komolika meets Prerna only to humiliate her and show her where she belongs.

Star Plus Up coming twists. Prerna wanted to meet Anurag, and sees Komolika. Komolika asks Prerna not to create misunderstandings between Anurag and her. She tells how happy she is with Anurag and family. Prerna asks Komolika to better know that Anurag came to see her and apologized. She misleads Komolika that he still loves her.

Komolika knows she is saying nonsense. She insults Prerna for belonging to a poor family. She expresses her favors done on Anurag and his family. She feels proud that she has bought Prerna’s love so easily. She asks Prerna does she still believe Anurag, who married someone else just for money and power. Prerna doesn’t believe her. Komolika asks her to see how Chobey has got big project for Basu publications. She asks Prerna to get a reality check. She breaks down Prerna. She asks Prerna to better stay away from Anurag now. Komolika tells Prerna that she has proof for everything she stated. She goes home to confront Anurag, about meeting Prerna. There will be a new entry, who would join hands with Prerna against Anurag. The person would be Anurag’s business rival, and help out Prerna.

Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke Star Plus Up coming : Abir’s Nanu apologizes to Vishwamber again. Maheshwaris eave from Ketki’s haldi. Abir asks Nanu to do something to get Kunal married in Maheshwari family. Nanu is sure that Abir will make this possible. Vishwamber and Rajshri have an argument over Rajvansh family. Vishwamber disapproves the family because of Meenakshi. Rajshri tells him that Kunal is a nice guy and not everyone in the family is bad. She wants to get Mishti married soon. She spots Naman on the way and gets too stressed. She asks Vishwamber to get Mishti to a safe place, else Naman will harm Mishti.

Rajshri panics and faints down. Mishti gets worried and realizes Rajshri’s love for her. On the other hand, Meenakshi confronts her dad for not informing her and meeting Maheshwaris. Abir asks her not to ruin the happiness. Meenakshi is disappointed with Kunal. She tells Kunal that she will not accept Mishti’s condition. Abir tells Meenakshi that he has come to apologize to her by his wish. He knows Kunal can get any girl in his life, and even Mishti can get any guy, but they both should decide if they are meant for each other. Meenakshi realizes that maybe she has misjudged Abir and he genuinely came to apologize to her. Abir wants to support Mishti.

Meenakshi feels sorry that she has hurt Abir again. Kunal tries to convince Abir. Abir asks him to call Mishti and accept her condition of courtship. Meenakshi overhears them and doesn’t want Kunal to call Mishti. She doesn’t want any marital courtship. She is angered that her sons are not in her control. Mishti doesn’t want Rajshri to worry. She tries to console Rajshri’s worries. Rajshri asks Mishti to forget about marital courtship, so that the alliance doesn’t break. She tells Mishti that Meenakshi shouldn’t get upset. She asks Mishti to promise and forget the conditions.

Vishwamber stops Mishti from making the promise. He tells Mishti that she has all the right to know her would be husband. He asks Rajshri not to teach Mishti to mend her ways by fear of someone. He doesn’t want Mishti to be afraid of anyone. Meenakshi stops Kunal from calling Mishti by burning Ketki’s clothes. Nidhi shouts to Abir and Kunal. She tells that Ketki’s bridal dress got burnt. Meenakshi gets rid of the problem by sending away her sons to get a new dress for Ketki. She delays Kunal and Mishti’s talks. Vishwamber wants to support Mishti. He vows to protect Mishti from Naman. He wants Mishti to marry on her own terms and gives her all the liberty she deserves. Keep reading for more on Star Plus Up coming.


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