Kartik Naira question Dadi Hidden Fears in Yeh Rishta

Kartik Naira question Dadi Hidden Fears in Yeh Rishta

Kartik has learnt Purushottam’s truth. He collects the strong evidence against Purushottam, when the latter admits all his crimes. He holds Purushottam’s collar in anger and shouts his hatred for him. Purushottam falls in Kartik’s eyes and gets upset for a while. Dadi reaches them and stops Kartik from dragging Purushottam to the family. She asks Kartik not to do anything for her sake. Naira asks Dadi why is she saving her brother, he is encouraged since she always saves him. Kartik tells Dadi that her brother is really a cheap man, he is a big liar, he has done wrong with Mansi and Naira. Kartik Naira question Dadi. He asks Dadi to punish her brother if she cares for Mansi and Naira. She asks him to obey her if he respects her. Kartik tells Dadi that he respects her, but he can’t let go the criminal like this.

Naira and Kartik ask Dadi to be strong and let them expose Purushottam. They want to know the reason of Dadi’s fears. They are shocked by Dadi’s shocking behavior. Kartik tells Dadi that she has to support the women being a woman herself. Dadi insists him to either do what he wants or obey her. She asks Kartik to beat Purushottam and get him arrested, but then she will not support him.

She asks Kartik to end the matter and not create a scene in Samarth’s marriage. Samarth asks Kartik why isn’t he ready for the function. Kartik and Naira tell Samarth that they won’t come in the marriage function. Dadi insists Kartik and Naira to get ready and come, without creating any issue. She also convinces Mansi for attending the function. Dadi asks Kartik and Naira to think of Samarth and Gayu. Naira asks Dadi why is she saving Purushottam like this, why is she afraid, since its a big incident.

Kartik asks Dadi how can she support the wrong. Naira asks Dadi to think of Mansi once. Dadi gets about to reveal something shocking, but gets interrupted. Kartik and Naira want to know why is Dadi supporting her evil brother. Kartik and Naira want to insult Purushottam and expose him in the family, so that they can teach him a lesson. Purushottam is blackmailing Dadi to save himself from everyone’s wrath. Will Dadi speak up the real reason? There will be a big high voltage drama in Samarth and Gayu’s marriage. Keep reading.


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