Udaan Vijayendra Kumeria aka Raghav back with Chakor

Udaan Vijayendra Kumeria aka Raghav back with Chakor

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Udaan Vijayendra Kumeria is back. Chakor suffers from a memory loss. She forgets her old relations, even her daughter Anjor, for whom she has done so much. Poonam and Raghav join hands to keep Chakor and Anjor separated, for the sake of their betterment. Raghav deals with Poonam to save Chakor’s life. He tells Poonam that Chakor has lost her memory and now she won’t be after Anjor. He is scared of Poonam’s madness, since she threatens to kill Chakor. Poonam doesn’t want anyone to snatch Anjor from her. She makes herself clear to Raghav. Poonam takes Anjor to show Raghav and Chakor together, which shocks Anjor to the core.

Anjor feels Chakor is living happy with Raghav again. She doesn’t understand why Chakor came back in her life if she had to leave this way. Raghav takes Chakor with him to the old haveli, where he shows her Suraj and her pictures. She doesn’t know that he is Suraj or Raghav, since she doesn’t even remember herself. Raghav tells her about their marriage and also the fact that they love each other a lot.

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He looks after her like a good husband and gives her medicines to regain her memory soon. Chakor gets sad that a major chunk of her life has got wiped off from her memory. Raghav consoles her, wiping her tears. She remembers the incidents that happens all the day and then forgets everything when she takes a night’s sleep. Raghav repeats the looped task and tells her about their relation every morning. He lies to Chakor, since he loves her a lot. Chakor accepts whatever is told to her. Raghav is trying to bring Chakor’s memory back. Raghav and Chakor’s good moments will be seen. Poonam restricts Anjor from meeting Chakor and knowing the actual problem. She misleads Jatin and Anjor, so that Chakor never returns in their lives.







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