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Star Plus Up Comings Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke: Mishti wants to meet Abir. Meenakshi is much worried that the family isn’t able to forgive her. She thinks what happened to her family, who went against her because of Mishti. Meenakshi is deeply upset. Abir tells her that she has done wrong with Ketki. She tells him that she has chosen her dad, when his dad has abandoned them. Abir is happy that she had a choice, while he didn’t get any choice. He was much close to his dad. He misses his dad. He goes out to his shade and sits alone. He recalls his dad and childhood. Abir is upset that his mother isn’t an ideal one. Nidhi burns Ketki’s bridal dress. She is angry on Meenakshi’s decision. She thinks Meenakshi will get a reality check during the marriages times of her sons.

Meenakshi becomes a culprit in Nidhi and Kaushal’s eyes. Mishti meets Abir at his shade. Mrs. Parekh sees Mishti and follows her. Mishti and Abir have a meet and are happy that they have eventually saved Ketki’s life. They hold hands and hug to celebrate their happy emotions. Mrs. Parekh sees them together and wants to expose their affair. She gets mistaken, while they share a hearty talk.

Mrs. Parekh goes to Maheshwari house and raises a finger at their values and upbringing. She tells them that Mishti is having an affair with Abir, while she is going to marry Kunal. Vishwamber apologizes to Mrs. Parekh and tells her that they know how to rectify their mistakes. Kuhu tells Varsha and Rajshri that she doesn’t know anything about Mishti. Mrs. Parekh insults them more. Mishti and Abir have a cycle race. She challenges him and then loses out in the race to cheer him up. He realizes that she has let him win and thanks him for being a good friend always. He asks her to always be the same.

Mishti and Abir turn into good friends. He drops her home. Vishwamber sees them together. Mishti tells Vishwamber that Abir is just a friend for her. Vishwamber warns Abir to stay away from Mishti. Abir learns that Meenakshi has gone away from the house. Abir feels Meenakshi doesn’t want them to find her, and they should better give her some time.

Krishna Chali London:
The guy who is assumed as Radhe, really behaves like Radhe. He climbs an electric pole and fixes the wires. He tells them that he has done this work before too. He reminds Krishna and Gajanan about Radhe. Bela and Shuklain also witness the guy’s brave act. The locality people also recall Radhe on seeing this guy’s act and tells Gajanan that this guy is also like Radhe. Gajanan finds Radhe in the guy’s personality.

Bela and Shuklain miss to see the guy, because of the crowd. Krishna takes the guy home. The guy eats many samosas, just like Radhe. Bua tells Krishna that guy’s behavior is like Radhe. Krishna doesn’t believe this. She tells Bua that this guy isn’t Radhe and is using his name for a motive. She asks Bua to let her get the DNA tests done in her hospital. Bua asks her not to go to the hospital, knowing Veer always meets her on their anniversary. She doesn’t want Veer to trouble her. Krishna wants to take the guy for tests. She takes the guy to the hospital for tests. The guy admits that he isn’t Radhe, he just picked Radhe’s wallet since he had to come to India.

He tells Krishna that she won’t be able to prove anything. Krishna believes that the guy is fraud and is surely hiding something big. Krishna tells him that she will compel him to get the tests done. She has to prove that Radhe isn’t back. Veer gets hurt and reaches the hospital. He wants to meet Krishna. Veer wants to go to Krishna’s hospital, but reaches Shukla’s hospital. He thinks Krishna won’t be meeting him in Shukla’s hospital. He awaits a miracle so that he meets Krishna. He tries to fool the police so that they take him to Krishna’s hospital. Veer attacks the constable and faints him. He runs to meet Krishna.


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