Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala Amma returns Shocking Cease

Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala Amma returns Shocking Cease

Kulfi Kumarr Bajewala Amma returns. Kulfi and her friends prepare a song for the finale. They wait for their group member Chitu. Kulfi tells them that Chitu didn’t have dinner and was worried, maybe something is wrong. Kulfi continues the practice. Chitu lies to them about his absence. Kulfi asks them to remember why they have run away from the remand home, they will expose Amma’s evil truth. The kids want to support their families by winning the competition. Meanwhile, Amyra tells Sikandar that this is her last dream to win the competition, she has to win and complete her dream at any cost. Sikandar asks her to always win in her life and stay happy. Amyra gets happy. Sikandar doesn’t get happy, knowing one of his daughters will be heartbroken. He can’t see them competing each other. He doesn’t want this dilemma to continue.

He wishes for a moment where he can be happy from his heart. Mohendar explains him that he can be a father for just one of his daughter, even when he loves both of them. He asks Sikandar to pray for Kulfi while being with Amyra. Sikandar feels its a big day for Kulfi and Amyra. The grand finale brings excitement for everyone. Kulfi gets a big shock on seeing remand home Amma and Rajan in the grand finale. Amma wants to take back the kids to the remand home, irrespective of the result of the grand finale. Kulfi gets a huge shock on seeing Amma. Her confidence begins to dip.

Sikandar doesn’t want Kulfi to spoil her performance because of Amma ji. Kulfi gets scared and tells the kids that Amma ji has arrived. Amyra wishes that she gets the chance to perform first, since she has stolen Kulfi’s song. The judge chooses the first performer by tossing the coin. Amyra wins the toss and goes for her performance. Chitu is worried since he has given the song to Amyra for saving his father from illness. Kulfi and the kids can’t believe that Amyra has stolen their song. Amyra performs on Kulfi’s song. Sikandar finds Kulfi terrified and think if she is scared of Amma. He doesn’t know that Amyra has ruined Kulfi’s dreams by stealing her song.

Kulfi and her friends cry out since they have lost a big chance. Kulfi sees Amyra getting praised by the judges. Sikandar wants to assure to Kulfi that he is always with her. Kulfi and her friends wonder how did Amyra steal the song and when did this happen. They feel they have lost forever. They confront Chitu and learn about his deal with Amyra. Chitu cries that his father is ill and needs money for his treatment. Chitu has cheated them. He tells them the truth and apologizes. He tells them that Amyra has helped him with the money for his dad’s treatment. The kids get angry on Chitu for his betrayal.

They blame Chitu for breaking all their hopes. Kulfi doesn’t want them to punish Chitu. She comes up with a way when they are called on the stage for their performance. Kulfi wants the kids to understand Chitu’s helplessness. She unites her friends once again. Kulfi and her friends disappear for a while, which makes Sikandar panic more. He wonders if the kids have run away by getting afraid of Amma ji. Lovely tells Sikandar that she has no idea how Amma ji has come there. She doesn’t know anything either.

Sikandar wants to reach Kulfi once to end her fears. He feels the kids have got terribly scared and took this step. He wants to tell all the kids that he will save them from the custody. Sikandar and Lovely look for Kulfi and her friends, and don’t find them anywhere. Sikandar fails to reach his daughter Kulfi, while judges wait for her performance. Amyra feels she will be a winner any moment.


  1. kulfi bajewala makers feel viewers are idiots, Amyra was never a singer and now she is competing talented kulfi, is that possible?…..no way…Director of the serial has lost his track and is moving into his own fantasy stupid world.

    secondly too many twists n turns makes the serial further disgusting forgetting the reality of life.

    No father will have patience like Sikander portrays, where is Tevar the real father of Amyra, has he been removed or gone for summer holidays.

    Then to make things worse Amma appearing from no where, this is messing the flow and making the serial go the way the stupid director driving a brakeless car.

    Just putting emotions will not fool viewers with confusions and new twists which are nonsense.

    Better change the driver / captain/ Director of Kulfi Bajewala.

    Will any father go out of the way so much to please someone elses child and neglect his own daughter …think about it

  2. True sikander seems cruel and way dragging how can tht whn Anna comes to take away what proof that fulfil was cheat tht nautanki and lia gving shock is it allowed

  3. Simply misleading n showing nonsense stuff, in this everybody knows the truth still each one is quite n watching stupidity be it mohinder, Gunjan Fadi and of course Sikander the great, nobody will stand for truth bas Bolte rahenge Silke sab thik ho jayega, Abe bevkufon Bhagwan Aakar muh me gras denge kya? Apna karam karo or sachai ke saath khade ho or burai Ko harao, high time now Amyra needs a tight slap n need to know how much bad she has done to all. Uski bimari jhooti, uski baaten jhooti or maha director bas jhooti Ko jitaye Jaa Rahi h. Please stop this trp hunger attitude n give justice to kulfi. Sikander ke andar ke aadmi Ko jagao, apni aulad Ko bhi dekh le bhai bahut puchkaar liye us bigdi ladki Ko.


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