Yeh Rishta Today Twists Naira receives unexpected bolt

Yeh Rishta Today Twists Naira receives unexpected bolt

Yeh Rishta Today Twists Kartik and Naira have a successful exhibition of their costly jewellery. Everyone applauds for the wonderful souk. Kartik realizes that everyone liked the fashion show. He hugs Naira and tells her that they have made it finally, they have succeeded in their attempt. The reporters ask Naira about this great idea. They like the idea of having relatable models employed in the show. Dadi wants to give all the credit to Kartik, but before her, Kartik names Naira. He tells them that Naira has done all the work, it was all her ideas, she has designed the jewellery and arranged the souk. The reporters ask Naira how did she manage everything alone. They praise Naira. Naira gives the credit to Kartik and family for their support and faith.

Manish also tells them that the family is united and they can face any problems. Dadi feels Kartik isn’t getting the credit and gets praising Kartik, who is an ideal husband and always gives the credit to his wife. He tells them that Kartik and Naira work out things together, just because of Kartik’s understanding. Kartik feels bad and wants to praise his wife. Naira stops him and tells the media that Kartik is really an ideal husband and he is her big support. He tells him that things wouldn’t be possible if he didn’t support her.

Mihir doesn’t talk to them and leaves. Kartik and Naira tells everyone about the big sales, all the jewellery is sold off and they got a big order for their designs too. Kartik breaks the sales report that covered all their big losses. The family gets happy and celebrates by dancing. Everyone is grateful to Naira for coming up with this idea of souk. Kartik asks Naira not to get nervous. Naira tells him that she doesn’t like Mihir, she doesn’t want to think of him, he is much rude. She enjoys the moment. She gets a work offer from Mihir, and gets much surprised. Kartik and Naira get happy knowing Mihir is interested to work with them. Dadi doesn’t accept this and tells them that Naira has no business sense, even if Naira is the designer, she won’t go for the meeting, Kartik will attend the meeting.

Manish and Kartik defend Kartik, who want Naira to meet Mihir. Naira tells Kartik that he should meet Mihir. Kartik tells Naira that he will support her, but she has to go for the meeting alone. He prepares her for the meeting. She tells him that she is nervous and doesn’t know what to do. He asks her not to lose courage and meet Mihir with a positive mind. Singhanias are happy reading Naira’s praise in the newspapers. They feel Dadi is jealous and isn’t able to tolerate her success. They realize how Naira has saved Goenkas business. They don’t want Kartik and Naira to have problems in their lives.

Kartik and Naira meet Mihir. Mihir asks Kartik to stay out, if he isn’t the desiner. He tells him that he liked Naira’s work, he wants to work with her, not with Goenkas, since he doesn’t want Goenkas to invest in his designs, he can fund his own projects already. He tells Naira that she will work for his projects. He asks Naira to read the offer letter well. Naira doesn’t want to work with Mihir and thinks he has insulted Kartik. Everyone is excited and want to know if Naira has accepted the offer. Kartik tells Dadi that Mihir has given the job offer for Naira, not for Goenkas group. He tells how much Mihir liked Naira’s designs.

Manish and Akhilesh want to fund Naira’s designs as well. They ask Naira to work with Mihir if she wants. Dadi learns that Naira has agreed to take up the project. She gets angry. Kartik tells Dadi that Naira can make her career by working with Mihir. Everyone supports Naira. Dadi angrily leaves. Kartik asks Naira not to take tension regarding Dadi, who will support her soon. Dadi fears that Naira’s work will break Kartik and Naira’s relation. She asks Suwarna to stop Naira from making her career, so that ego issues don’t come up. Kartik and Naira learn Dadi’s fears and don’t think anything such will happen.


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