Today Kasauti Zindagi Twist Komolika opens up evil wings

Today Kasauti Zindagi Twist Komolika opens up evil wings

Today Kasauti Zindagi Twist. Prerna and Anurag get locked in the storeroom. Prerna faints by suffocation. Anurag uses CPR to revive her breath. Prerna gets conscious and finds Anurag with her. He tells her that he is with her and won’t let anything happen to her. Anurag hugs her. He tells her that he is her life. Nivedita unlocks the door and finds them together. He asks them what happened to them and why are they together. Anurag tells her that he will explain her everything. Prerna goes to her room and is confused over Anurag’s love. She doesn’t know if he loves her or is making her mad by his confusing drama. She gets thinking of Anurag’s love and bitter words. Anurag doesn’t know what will he tell Prerna about the way he has saved her.

Prerna wants to talk to him, but avoids him because of the odd moment. She thinks she still has to talk to Anurag and get her answers. She wants to know if Anurag is true to her. Anurag goes away and she misses to talk to him. Vikrant tells Komolika that he has enough evidences against her and now he will send her to jail by exposing her to Anurag. She tries to stop him by taking the car keys, but he makes a quick leave. He wants to tell Prerna that Komolika is very dangerous and she has to get punished for her crimes. Vikrant thinks its high time and he should limit Komolika’s evil. Komolika gets worried and rushes to meet her aide to give him a new task.

She wants to plot Vikrant’s accident so that he fails to expose her truth. Vikrant knows that Komolika is behind Moloy’s accident. The hired goon rushes to follow Vikrant to kill him. Vikrant calls Prerna and tells her that Komolika is dangerous and can break any limits to get what she wants. Prerna asks him why is he so scared. He tells her that he is coming home to tell something about Komolika. He asks Prerna to make Anurag stay at home and wait for him. He tells her that this news will expose Komolika and its important for Anurag to know this, this news will change their lives. Vikrant’s car gets hit by a truck and wonders if the driver is drunk. He then realizes the danger when the truck hits his car again.

Prerna and Vikrant’s conversation breaks. Prerna asks Anurag to come with her to see Vikrant, maybe he met with an accident. They rush to check on Vikrant. Komolika sees Vikrant injured and gets happy seeing his state. She gets the evidences from the car. She thinks he has finally paid for his smartness. She hides seeing Anurag and Prerna coming. Anurag gets a huge shock on seeing Vikrant injured and rushes him to the hospital. Vikrant gets admitted in the ICU. Prerna tells Anurag that Vikrant wanted to tell her about Komolika and he met a bad fate, someone is behind his accident. Prerna wants to know what does Vikrant wanted to tell her. Komolika openly attacks Prerna and gets her madness exposed to Basu family.


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