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Telly Reviews Weekend Spoilers 31st August 2019

Weekend Spoilers Upcoming Rajaa Beta: Vedant tells Gomti that if Ramesh doesn’t succeed to get wealth then he will give her share to her. Purva tells Ramesh that Vedant is trying to take everyone on his side and says I am sure he will make everyone on his side by giving a small share to everyone from the wealth and we will not get anything. Ramesh says I won’t let such things happening. He goes to talk to Gomti and offers some share of wealth to her. Gomti doesn’t believe him and decides to support Vedant. Purva goes with Ramesh to the lawyer’s office to file for Divorce. Pankhudi plans to make the divorce official and bribes the lawyer to submit divorce papers in court.

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika comes to a hotel to sort Sahil and Tanuj’s fight. The police raids the hotel. Vedika also gets suspected as the call girl. She falls in trouble, in order to save Geet from defamation. Tanuj has made Geet and Rahul’s MMS. Vedika gets the MMS from him and shows it to the police. She complains to the police and gets Tanuj arrested. Sahil beats up Tanuj. Vedika gets rid of Tanuj. Geet and Rahul get thankful to Vedika for her help.

Main bhi Ardhangini: Chitra becomes evil and possesses Vaidehi’s body to be with Madhav. Madhav comes to the room on their wedding night and tells Vaidehi that they will be friends first always before husband and wife. He promises to keep her happy always and holds her hand. Vaidehi stops him and asks him not to touch her. Her eyes turn red like that of a ghost from under the veil. Madhav is shocked about Vaidehi’s change behavior.

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan: Dadi grants a wish to Janki seeing Raghav recovered from coma and asks her to take her own time to treat him. Rani thanks her. Raghav asks Janki who was the girl who was in his room when he got consciousness. Rani is silent and sad. Rukmani asks Rani if Raghav refuses about their marriage then? Rani says he doesn’t know himself also and asks her to support her. Rukmani agrees.

Premlatha offers bribe to Rani and tries to take her to her side. Rani thinks she will play their band and taunts Rivaaj. She says she will do anything for her gain. Rivaaj asks her to prove that she is on their side and asks her to harm Raghav. Rani thinks how to gain Rivaaj’s trust without harming Raghav. Rani calls Mrs. Chauhan and asks for Anjali’s contact number, and says she is her friend. Mrs. Chauhan tells her that Anjali is no more. Rani ends the call sensing Rivaaj behind her. Rivaaj calls her Rani.


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