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Star Plus Upcomin Today Krishna Chali London: Krishna and Veer try to expose the imposter by bringing Mohan’s sister Kusum in front of Shukla family. Krishna pretends to fall down the stairs so that she can buy some time for Veer’s plans. She tells the family that she wants to take some rest, maybe she is hungry and feeling dizzy. The family tells Krishna that they will have food and rest for a while before leaving for their city. Krishna gives a chance to Veer and wishes that he makes everything fine. Veer gets late, but gets Kusum to Mohan. He unites Kusum with her brother.

She is grateful to him for uniting her with her long lost brother. Mohan refuses to know Kusum. Veer gets angry on Mohan and asks him to revive his conscience, his sisters needs his support. Shukla and his family don’t believe Veer and ask him not to trouble them. They think Veer isn’t their well wisher and wants to ruin their happiness by accusing Radhe. Shukla tells them that he had seen Veer before.

He asks Gajanan to beat up Veer and teach him a lesson. Krishna asks Kusum if she knows Mohan. Kusum tells her that Mohan is her brother. Krishna wants to know about Mohan further. Shukla yells at Veer. Krishna asks Shukla to let her find things. Kusum’s aunt and some people arrive at the temple. Kusum’s aunt accuses Veer for kidnapping Kusum. Veer clarifies that he wanted Kusum to meet Mohan. He asks the people to recognize Mohan. The people refuse to know Mohan.

They beat up Veer for kidnapping Kusum. Veer’s aide worries seeing Veer in trouble. He informs Nayani about Veer’s state. Nayani asks the man to save Veer. Nayani tells Sunaina about Veer landing in troubles. Sunaina worries for Veer. Krishna can’t see Veer getting beaten up and stops the fight. While she sympathizes with Veer, a car hits Radhe. Radhe comes up with the accident drama to get Krishna’s attention. Radhe is rushed to hospital, where he recovers his memory. Veer doesn’t want to spare Mohan, who is a master player. He takes the cops to the hospital, where Radhe/Mohan accuses Veer for trying to kill him in London. Radhe instigates his family against Veer.

Abir is worried after realizing his love for Mishti. He sees Mishti on Ketki’s video call and is relieved that she is fine. Kuhu asks Mishti why did she get back into the fire. Mishti tells Kuhu that she had gone to save something important which matters to her friend. Kuhu jokes on Mishti. Mishti is happy that she saved Abir’s painting. Kuhu wonders why is Kunal coming home to talk to family. Mishti thinks Kunal isn’t a bad person, he always protects his family. She is sure that Kunal will care for her more when she gets married to him. She understands Kunal and thinks he has rescued her from the fire. She feels he is a nice man and she should agree to marry him.

Mishti is happy in her own world. Mishti wants to talk to Abir. Abir thinks of Mishti’s request and decides to buy a phone to talk to Mishti. Abir doesn’t know what to do if his feelings for Mishti are true. Abir tells the family that he is buying a phone so that he is available in case of emergencies. He feels if he loves Mishti, it would be wrong with Kunal. His dilemma gets intensified.

He thinks Mishti’s alliance is fixed with Kunal. He goes to meet Mishti. Kunal informs Mishti that he is coming to meet her. Abir buys many balloons for Mishti. He wants to confess his feelings to Mishti. He sees Mishti with Kunal, and steps back. Mishti sees Abir there and rushes to meet him. She asks Abir to come home with Kunal and her.

She gets happy seeing the balloons. Abir tells Kunal that he got the balloons on his saying and he should give it to Mishti now. Kunal gets surprised and thinks Abir is still making his image better. Abir gets upset seeing Kunal and Mishti together and happy. Mishti sees Kunal and her picture in the newspaper, and reads how the society is tagging their love courtship. Kunal and Mishti worry for their family’s reaction. Abir cracks jokers to cheer them up. She doesn’t want Abir to take the situation so lightly.

Abir hears a sad song on the radio and feels losing his love. Meenakshi gets to read the newspaper headline about Kunal and Mishti. She gets angry and takes it as her son’s defamation. She can’t believe that Kunal has gone to meet Mishti without informing her. She shouts on everyone. Nanu comes across Mishti’s painting made by Abir. He realizes that Abir is in love with Mishti. He asks Kaushal to go and call Abir, so that he can talk to him about Mishti. Kunal tells Mishti that he has decided to give a name to their relationship, so that the families aren’t in trouble because of their courtship. Abir stops Mishti from nodding for the marriage.



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