Kasauti Stunning Twist by Komolika’s re entry

Kasauti Stunning Twist by Komolika's re entry

Kasauti Stunning Twist Prerna manages to expose Komolika’s truth in front of the Basu family. Komolika doesn’t understand the trap laid by Prerna and goes on blurting her crimes. Prerna provokes Komolika to confess that she has committed Moloy’s accident and killed Rajesh. Mohini and Nivedita can’t believe that Komolika is behind their destruction. Prerna asks Komolika why did she hurt Moloy. Komolika tells her that Moloy learnt her truth and started hating her, he wanted her to leave from Anurag’s life and she had to do this to stop him. She tells Prerna that she will do the same with anyone who comes in his way. She asks Prerna how will she prove this to anyone. Mohini loses her control and shouts to Komolika.

She runs to slap Komolika and tells her that she is happy to learn her truth. Komolika realizes that this was Anurag and Prerna’s planning to trap her and expose her truth. Prerna tells Komolika that her enemy is her over smartness. Komolika wants to cover up the truth by a drama. She acts dizzy for a while. She tells them that maybe someone has spiked the drink and she isn’t in senses. Komolika tries to win their faith again by making innocent faces. Mohini reprimands Komolika. When she gets slapped by Mohini and Anurag, she comes to her real avatar and threatens to ruin them. She tells them that her dad will ruin them on her one call.

She tells Anurag that she loved him and he did this with her, now she won’t spare him. Prerna slaps Komolika. She warns Komolika against hurting Anurag. Komolika tells them that she didn’t wish to hurt them and regarded them dear, but they compelled her to do this. She takes a knife and threatens of committing suicide. She tells Anurag that she will take revenge on him. He tells her that she never loved him and just wanted to win him. He cancels their deal and calls off his so called marriage. She loses her mind and tells him that he can’t leave her this way. She catches Prerna and threatens to kill her. She gets mad in anger.

Anupam makes a video and asks Anurag to call the cops, as they have evidence against Komolika. She tells them that they can’t harm her, her dad will always help her. Anurag threatens her of police by showing the video evidence. Komolika pushes Prerna and runs out of the house. Everyone gets a relief that Komolika is finally gone. Basu family continues Tapur’s Sangeet function. Anurag and Prerna imagine a dance sequence, while their hearts long for each other. Anurag plans to propose Prerna and express her all the truth of his doings. Komolika makes a re-entry home to shock Anurag and Prerna.


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