Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Tonight Coming up high drama

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Tonight Coming up high drama

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Tonight Pakhi spends time with her assumed father Bhola. She sees her landlord and worries that her mother won’t be able to pay the rent to the landlord. She tells Bhola that Nandini will cry and plead to the landlord to buy some time. Bhola comes up with an idea and troubles the landlord. Bhola and the kids gang make fun of the landlord and get rid of him. Kulfi wants to get signs about Sikandar. She wants to know if Bhola and Sikandar are related. She wonders how is this happening that Bhola is singing Sikandar’s songs. She gets a hint that Sikandar could be Bhola. She jumps with happiness on getting hints from her Goddess. She prays to get more help so that she unites with real Sikandar. The landlord scolds Nandini for Bhola’s bad joke.

He asks Nandini to make Bhola change his ways if they have to stay in the house. Nandini apologizes to the landlord. The landlord gets cheaply talking to Nandini on finding her husband Bhola mentally challenged. Pakhi stops Bhola from reacting. Nandini reprimands Bhola and Pakhi for troubling the landlord. Bhola tells Nandini that the landlord was badly seeing her and this has hurt his heart. He gets angry on the landlord. Nandini gets emotional on hearing Bhola’s words. On the other hand, Amyra gets happiness when Sikandar pampers her like a real princess and showers gifts on her. Amyra tells Lovely that she loves this new Sikandar a lot.

Lovely gets suspicious of Sikandar. Nandini falls short of money. She has big duties of arranging the food for the family. Pakhi gets happy to have her happy sweet complete family with Bhola, who loves her dearly. Bhola asks Nandini to have food with them. Nandini lets them eat and lies that she already had the food. Amyra tells Lovely that Sikandar has forgotten Kulfi and now he is just loving them, which is a positive sign. On the other hand, Sikandar threatens Kulfi and asks her not to act smart with him. He questions her about her outing. Kulfi tells him that she was with her friends. He asks her to practice singing so that she sings well.

She gets scared of him when he attempts to hurt her by his harsh ways. He tells her that he has forgotten music, but he can judge her singing by hearing her out. Kulfi sings and amazes him by her talents. He praises her singing and asks her to keep rehearsing. She sings her emotions for Sikandar. He dislikes the sad song and asks her to sing something interesting and funny. He asks her to work hard and not sing any foolish songs. He gets troubling her. He asks her to work hard and sing well in order to get more singing deals.



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