Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Chandan inhumane act shocker

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Chandan inhumane act shocker

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Chandan doesn’t convince Kulfi’s heart by his superb drama. Kulfi gets Sikandar’s kerchief and finds dirt over it. She gets angered that he has cleaned the shoes with the kerchief gifted by Nimrat. She doesn’t feel he is Sikandar. Lovely explains to Kulfi that Sikandar is in really bad state, Sikandar got saved by their prayers. She reveals the bad happenings that’s not known to Kulfi. She tells Kulfi that Sikandar had lost his face too, and the doctors worked hard to reconstruct his face by using his old photos. She asks Kulfi to give time to Sikandar and know his trauma. She hopes that Kulfi will keep patience. Kulfi knows that Sikandar isn’t with her, its someone else fooling the family. She regrets the fact that she is away from her real father.

Meanwhile, Bhola sings his way and spends time with his new assumed family. He stays happy with Nandini and Pakhi. Kulfi wakes up by hearing Sikandar’s song. She gets trapped by Chandan again, who compels her and takes her for the song recording. Bhola wants to accompany Pakhi to the school. Pakhi is upset that her friend didn’t invite her home for the birthday celebrations. Nandini’s mother arrives home. She angered when Bhola troubles her. Bhola introduces himself as Nandini’s husband. Bhola innocently behaves and annoys Nandin’s Aai further. Nandini sends Pakhi and Bhola for play. Pakhi tells Bhola about her grandmum, who loves them a lot.

Bhola asks her if Aai will stay with them. Pakhi knows that they are poor and can’t afford a good life. Bhola decides to find some way. Chandan collects the cash from the music director and asks Kulfi to sing the song well. He sells her voice for his profits. Kulfi feels Sikandar isn’t getting a chance for her, and instead encashing her talents. Chandan sits counting the money. She thinks why isn’t he interested in hearing her song. Kulfi gets a bad voice by stress. The music director keeps patience and encourages her to sing well.


Kulfi sings the song, but gets distracted by Chandan’s odd behavior. When she fails to sing well and record the song, the music director goes to talk to Sikandar. Aai blames Nandini for getting Sikandar/Bhola home. She scolds Nandini for sheltering a stranger and not thinking of the society’s taunts. Nandini calms down her mum and asks her to think of Pakhi’s happiness. Aai asks her to think of future, when Bhola’s truth will come out in front of Pakhi. Nandini doesn’t want anything to happen to Pakhi’s weak heart. Aai asks her to remember that Bhola will leave from their lives when he gains his memory back. She alerts Nandini of the big risk he is taking. Chandan reprimands Kulfi for not singing well. He scares Kulfi and leaves the onlookers speechless by his inhumanity.



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