Yeh Rishta Naira kidnapping twist creates a storm

Yeh Rishta Naira kidnapping twist creates a storm

Yeh Rishta Naira kidnapping twist. Kartik and Naira spend good time with Krish, which pleases Dadi. Dadi tells Naira that she is very happy seeing them with Krish. She asks Naira to think of having a child, so that the child brings happiness in their lives. She asks Naira if she doesn’t like to get a baby. She suggests her to spend time with Kartik and think of having a family. Kartik feels sorry to fail Naira’s dinner plans. He apologizes to Naira and expresses his love for her. He tells her that he wants to take her on a date. She tells him that they will go to their favorite place and not take their phones along. They get ready to leave for their date. Mihir arrives home on Manish’s invitation.

Kartik thinks now his date is ruined. Mihir tells Manish that he has just come for a chat, he can’t stay back until lunch since he has a meeting. Mihir and Naira praise each other, while the family appreciates Mihir’s help. Mihir tells Manish that he has seen Naira’s talent and hired her for designing for the royal wedding. Kartik gets jealous and goes away. Samarth asks Kartik why is he looking so worried. He asks Kartik not to worry about Mihir, he is also confused about Mihir. Kartik doesn’t want Mihir to impress Naira. Samarth tells Kartik that maybe Mihir likes Naira. Kartik asks Samarth not to think of such things.

Mitali arrives there and meets everyone. Mihir introduces his girlfriend. Mitali tells them that Mihir praises Naira’s work a lot. Kartik is relieved that Mihir has a girlfriend, and now Naira won’t be anywhere close to Mihir. Kartik gets the disguise of driver and asks Naira to hire him on work. He takes Naira on a drive. They have romance. Kartik enjoys the old fun in their relation. Kartik drops Naira to Mihir’s office. He hears the guards speaking nonsense about Mihir and Naira’s relation. He feels bad and angry. He wants to bash them up. Mitali meets Kartik and tells him that Naira has brought a change in Mihir.


He feels Naira is the reason for Mihir’s change. Kartik asks her not to drag Naira in her personal issues. Mitali tells him that she is giving him an advice so that he can save his marriage in time. She warns him about Mihir and Naira’s growing closeness. Kartik gets upset to hear this from Mitali. Manish gets the invitation from the royal wedding. Everyone gets excited to attend the wedding. Dadi tells them that she has kept their jewellery in the bank locker. Surekha wants to look the best in the function. Kartik stays outside Mihir’s office, since his car breaks down.

He checks the car and gets influenced by Mitali’s words. He imagines Mihir and Naira’s closeness and scolds Naira for cheating him. He doesn’t want to suspect Naira. Naira finishes her work and comes out of the office. She finds him and asks why didn’t he leave. He asks her not to think that he is doubting or spying on her. Kartik asks her to get ready for their date. Dadi’s strange behavior breaks Gayu’s heart. Though Dadi has accepted Gayu as Samarth’s wife, after knowing about her pregnancy, she still taunts Gayu as if Samarth has done a big favor on her.

Gayu doesn’t want Dadi to hurt her esteem. She feels insulted that Dadi still treats her like a stranger. Dadi doesn’t mend her ways and speaks bitter without realizing how much the other person is getting hurt. Even Suwarna and Surekha witness Dadi’s harsh behavior. Gayu makes a leave from the house, without sharing the matter with Samarth. Naira gets kidnapped by the goons whom she got arrested before. They get revenge on her, while Kartik gets misled about the problem. Mihir comes to Naira’s rescue, which is very unlikely. This grows another seed of suspicion in Kartik’s mind.


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